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Case 9

History: A young mother in her early 30s complained of vaginal bulges and pelvic pressure and a loose feeling vagina with lack of sensation during intercourse. She felt chronic constipation even though her stools were soft and she was taking fiber supplements. She leaked urine with any sporting activity and was unable to stay dry during her yoga classes. She wanted a pelvic prolapse and incontinence repair with vaginal tightening.
Procedures Performed: Vaginoplasty, Perineoplasty, Incontinence Sling, Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery with Ultra Lightweight Mesh. She also underwent a Mommy Makeover abdominoplasty

Results: Return to a full and active lifestyle and ability to wear her bikini again.

Before Surgery

Before Surgery Side 1

Before Surgery Side 2

Before Surgery Cystocele

Before Surgery Rectocele

Sizing Before Surgery

Sizing Before Surgery

After Surgery Front

After Surgery Side 1

After Surgery Side 2