Rising Need for Labiaplasty Revision Surgery

As more gynecologists, urologists, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic surgeons perform labial and vaginal surgeries, the need for revision surgery has steadily risen. Most of these surgeons attempting labial and vaginal surgeries have had no formalized training in aesthetic vaginal surgeries. This leads to complications, displeasing appearance, and unhappy patients. An example is a very notable porn star who allegedly had a botched vaginoplasty performed in Beverly Hills by a renowned surgeon. More and more anecdotal reports have surfaced about less than optimal results following labiaplasty surgery such as asymmetry, excess removal of tissue, disrupted blood supply, and pain. Vaginoplasty patients report painful intercourse, tightening only of the entry, lack of deep tightening, and recurrence of looseness. This has given established labial and vaginal surgery experts more secondary attempts at repairing improperly done or aesthetically displeasing surgeries. This has also given a select group of surgeons more and more legal consultations from patients and lawyers alike as the standard of care evolves and grows. In our center, a full 10% of work is done as revision surgery. The number continues to rise as more revisions, resurfacing, re-tightenings are asked for. It behooves a surgeon thinking of perfoming labiaplasty and vaginoplasty surgery to be properly and completely trained before attempting these intricate surgeries.