Peer Testimonials

Nick Slenkovich MD, FACS

Colorado Plastic Surgery Center
761 Southpark Dr Littleton, CO 80120


Your vulvovaginal surgery preceptorship course rates an A+ from my perspective.

I greatly appreciate your experience, expertise and dedication your craft and I learned a tremendous amount working with you. Thank you for our time together as the hands-on one-on-one “why do you do it that way?” interaction is invaluable. Your enthusiasm, and dedication to learning and teaching are infectious. You are truly an artist with your work and I applaud your commitment to advancing the art and science of vaginal aesthetic surgery and women’s feminine health.

Warm Regards,

Nick Slenkovich MD, FACS

Aylin Güneş, MD

drgunesYeni Yüzyıl University
Gaziosmanpaşa Hastanesi
İstanbul/ Turkey

Dear Dr. Alinsod,

When I decided to improve my skills about aesthetic gynecologic surgery I knew that it must be with your program. This was because of your many articles, many lessons about this field, and because of the medical instrument you have invented. When I came to your institute I saw that I was not wrong about my decision! Your hosting and caring of your patients, the way you speak with them, your professionalism on taking pictures for your archives and records, and lastly, your precise techniques on aesthetic gynecology were extremely wonderful. Therefore, all the moments that I was there with you was worthwhile. Inspite of only a few days in Laguna Beach, you tried to teach me all your secrets and techniques regarding this field. I want to thank for your team of Maria, Jennifer, Cindy, Dianne, and Marisol. They are also so professional in their jobs and lovely women.

I strongly recommend your training program to my colleagues who wants to perform aesthetic gynecologic procedures with Master Class techniques. I will continue to follow your new techniques and articles. Thank you to you and your team for everything.

All my best wishes,

Aylin Güneş, MD


drnthomasMedical City Dallas
7777 Forest Ln #800
Dallas, TX 75230
(972) 566-4555


I am a solo ob/gyn who currently focuses on hormone replacement therapy. I am very interested in implementing aesthetic gynecology into my current practice. I researched my training options and decided to train with Dr. Alinsod. I had a wonderfully productive preceptorship. I will be forever greateful to Dr. Alinsod and look forward to future visits and learning opportunities.


Room 248, Hall C, Tower 1
Makati city, Philippines 1200
Tel. No. +(632) 894-1578

I have been in private practice for over 25 years and am the first hospital-based, board-certified OB-GYN to practice aesthetic laser gynecology in the Philippines. I have and continue to provide excellent opportunities for empowering women with life-altering choices for their overall health and sexual well-being. My foundational training in aesthetic laser gynecology started in 2007 and leveraged diode laser technology that exceeded all of my patients’ expectations. Even with all the kudos and countless word-of-mouth referrals from happy couples and blissful singles, you get to realize that there is always room for improvement or a better way of taking it to the next level. After 9 years of successful laser vaginal surgical practice, I started hearing about safer, more effective, non-invasive vulvovaginal procedures that offered significantly less downtime, discomfort, expeditious healing and excellent aesthetic results. After much research and consultation with mentors and colleagues in the Philippines and abroad, the Alinsod Institute in Laguna Beach and its eminent founder, Dr. Red Alinsod, popped up every time and grabbed my attention. After a quick email exchange with Dr. Red and an available slot in his training program, I was off on a 15-hour journey to Laguna Beach.

Without a doubt, my 4-day training was simply an amazing experience that I should have taken much earlier. This remarkable experience starts with an extraordinary welcome by a warm and gracious Dr. Red and his exceptionally organized and hospitable staff (thank you,Maria,Diane,Mirasol and Cindy). What follows are virtuoso demonstrations of innovative techniques and precise procedures in cosmetic vulvovaginal gynecology using advanced temperature-controlled radio frequency technology that Dr. Red developed in conjunction with technology providers through his extensive years of private practice. Unlike many other training programs I have participated in, Dr. Red takes his training program to another level by limiting the number of trainees to a very small group that is perfect for close-in observation and collaboration, unrestricted Q&A and true learning from a consummate educator. His program is the quintessential mentor-mentee bond and prepares his wards to return to their private practice armed with the wealth of knowledge, skills, confidence and more importantly, excitement to raise the science of cosmetic vaginal gynecology to an art form in a class of its own. Incidentally, your training and relationship with Dr. Red doesn’t end after you leave his institute. You have a plethora of privileges such as consultation, information exchange, online or in person. Yes, Dr. Red encourages all of his mentees to keep in touch, always. Dr. Red’s program is a worthwhile and invaluable investment. Take advantage, now. Thank you, Dr. Red. You are God’s gift to aesthetic gynecologists and women all over.

Jeffrey R. Jacobs, M.D.

drjacobs_300Jeffrey R. Jacobs, M.D.
Transformations Idaho PLLC
2231 West Verona Drive
Meridian, IDAHO 83646
(208) 863-2965

Dr. Alinsod,
I wanted to take the time to thank you and your wonderful team. Not only was your course enlightening and informative, but fun! You and your staff demonstrated to me and my surgical assistont the latest technologies accomponied by tips acquired through years of experience. The course was also comprehensive in nature covering a multitude of topics to include surgery, equipment, marketing, billing, and even photography. I would highly recommend your course to any provider who desires training in gynecological cosmetic surgery. I will be back!

Jeffrey R. Jacobs, M.D.
Founder and CEO Tronsformotions ldoho, PLLC

Joao Brito Jaenisch, MD

drjaoCosta 30/405
Porto Alegre RS 90110270
Facebook:clinica de Cirurgia estetica e ginecologica
Office: 5551-32310769

Dear Colleagues,

I had the opportunity to witness and participate in the best course in the field of cosmetic gynecology. This was my second trip to visit and learn. I spent two days in Laguna Beach in Dr. Red Alinsod’s office learning everything about cosmetic gynecologic procedures that included lectures, videos, and live in-office and awake No IV surgery! All procedures by unique use of local anesthesia: posterior repair and vaginoplasty/perineoplasty, labia majoraplasty, labia minoraplasty, clitoral hood reduction, dermoelectroporation, ThermiVa, and the O-Shot. The office is wonderful with a great and happy staff. If you want to learn about this huge cosmetic gynecology field don’t wait too much. I have lectured, traveled, and have trained around the world and I find this to be the best course for any International doctors. It is a place to learn and make friendships. Red is my friend, a great doctor, and a good person.

Joao Brito Jaenisch, MD

Dr. Leila Khalili

Cosmetic Gynecologist
Tehran, Iran

Dr. Alinsod’s training has really given me new insight and techniques to apply in Cosmetic Gynecology Fieldwork for my future work, particularly as a new achievement in my territory. The training topics were very absolutely stunning! Again great that everything was pretty good to get the points of all techniques in a dynamic training atmosphere, and really Dr. Red Alinsod demonstrated brilliant points to all of us. This was really one of the best opportunities to learn cosmetic gynecology and was one of my best learning experiences in terms of what’s happening on in the world of cosmetic gynecology. All of the presented contents by Dr. Red Alinsod was consistently high quality and engaging. Most importantly, each session provided excellent techniques in each area. I feel that all the techniques used and the methods demonstrated were extremely good. I felt that there was alot of energy and enthusiasm. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises. The presentations had my full attention.

Thanks alot!!
Dr. Leila Khalili

Monica S Chauhan, MD, MS, FICOG, FICMCH

drchauhan2Diploma Minimal Invasive Gynecology
Ex-Asst Professor NSCB Medical College & Hospital, Jabalpur (MP) India
Specialist Gynecologist, Prince Medical Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I strongly believe that learning has no short cut and the foundation lies on 3 pillars: I) Strong compelling desire II) Finding the best mentor III) Thorough learning with attention to details.

With a will to venture in cosmetic gynecology, I embarked on a journey to find the right mentor for myself. After browsing for courses offered in female cosmetic genital surgery across the globe by well-known stalwarts, I finally decided for Alinsod Institute. The detailed course structure and approachability totally captivated my attention.
After being trained by Dr Red, I have added new armamentarium to my 17 years of gynecology practice- awake anesthesia without IV and reasserted my obsessive compulsive perfectionist attitude for surgeries. He laid emphasis on quality care, included photography learning skills and addressed how to stand out in this competitive field while staying true to one’s own fundamental value! Besides being expert in his specialty I found Dr Red to be a generous human being and his cooperative staff added value to the training. I am grateful for all the learning and cherish my steps in the fascinating world of aesthetics.

Andrea Staack, M.D., PhD., FEBU

drstaakAssociate Professor of Urology
11370 Anderson Street, Ste. 1100
Loma Linda, CA 92354
Phone: (909) 558-2350

I am a pelvic reconstructive and female urologist at Loma Linda University Hospital and had the great pleasure of attending Dr. Alinsod’s one-on-one training course for aesthetic vaginal surgery.
Dr. Alinsod is an outstanding surgeon with an eye for detail, which is essential performing cosmetic vaginal surgery. His training does not only emphasize on “beautification”, it is also teaching how to improve function, decrease pain, and create a pleasant surgical experience for the patient. The patient is fully awake during the surgery (e.g. vaginoplasty), which I never thought possible. Hemostasis, pain control, patient’s comfort, and surgical accuracy are outstanding during the entire procedure. Dr. Alinsod kept his promise to share his valuable skills and rich experience from being a reconstructive surgeon, an entrepreneur, a manager and a photographer. His innovative spirit is remarkable and very inspiring. He has a very well trained staff; their signature trades are support, awareness and a warm heart.

Thank you, Red, for providing this remarkable and eye-opening course.

Edward Jacobson, MD, FACOG

drjacobsonGreenwich Ctr for Restorative Vaginal Surgery
One Perryridge Road,Greenwich, CT 06830
Tel: 203 869-8360 / Fax: 203 329-9740
Calls from outside USA: 001 203 869 8360
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I am a board certified gynecologist and have been in private practice in Greenwich, Connecticut for over 25 years. I have specialized in sexual enhancement surgery since 2003 and have performed well over 1000 procedures covering vaginoplasty, labial reduction, labia majora reduction and hymenoplasty. Almost all of these surgeries have been undertaken with a diode optical laser with very satisfactory results. However, I felt it was time to bring my skills to the next level. I found Dr. Red Alinsod of Laguna Beach, California, who pioneered a different and unique approach to aesthetic vaginal procedures using radiosurgery with the Ellman Surgitron.

I worked two very full days with Red in a one-on-one preceptorship, learning his techniques for surgery under local anesthesia, use of fine suture materials, and how to make precision incisions with radiosurgical instruments resulting in a 90% reduction in lateral thermal damage that I found so problematic with the laser. We used radiosurgery with the Ellman Surgitron? for reduced post-operative discomfort, minimal scar formation, enhanced healing and excellent cosmetic results. Within 10 days I incorporated all of these newly learned skills into my practice and was delighted not only with the immediate cosmetic results but with the significant reduction in post-operative discomfort experienced by my patients. Most importantly of course, patients were extremely pleased with the results. A patient who I previously performed laser reduction labiaplasty couldn?t believe how comfortable she was immediately after a subsequent vaginoplasty.

Individualized training with Dr. Alinsod was not inexpensive, and I had my reservations before committing to work with him. Those doubts were completely dispelled. Red is a terrific teacher and has showed me how to provide a much higher level of aesthetic surgery for my patients. His training is unquestionably worth the cost.

Edward Jacobson, MD

Yvonne Wolny, MD

drwolnyLincoln Park GYN
830 W DIversey Pkwy, Suite 200
Chicago IL 60614
(773) 880-6064

After many weeks of a very diligent research for the most extensive and complete course for cosmetic gynecology, I decided to attend Dr. Alinsod’s world renowned course in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. My experience exceeded all expectations given a very thorough didactics and even more the practical surgical part of the course. He is truly a perfectionist in all aspects of his clinical and surgical approach, including his superb techniques and meticulous handling of each surgical step. As a compulsive surgeon myself, it was astounding to watch; the ultimate goal to achieve the absolute perfection and not compromising until the best is achieved. Dr. Alinsod is an excellent role model for this seemingly easy but deceptively difficult subspecialty. His friendly and unassuming manner inspires confidence.

I have participated in many other programs all over the country, on both Coasts. However, Dr. Alinsod’s course is significantly notches above in all aspects. It is no wonder surgeons fly in from all over the world to learn. I should have had Dr. Alinsod teach me from the start. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with my decision and thankful for Dr. Alinsod for his willingness to generously share his exceptional experience, secrets, and perfectionism to others. My confidence in performing cosmetic gynecologic procedures changed for the better after this extraordinary experience. One can’t learn perfectionism, since it is an inherent quality. Thank you for the great teaching! Though seemingly expensive at first, the course is a bargain and of greatest value when it comes to my career path. I will be returning soon to learn more.

Michael Goodman, M.D.

drmgoodman635 Anderson Road, Suite 12B
Davis, California 95616
Phone: (530) 753 2787
Fax: (530) 750 0221

In June 2010 I had the privilege of spending two days observing six pelvic support, sexual enhancement and genital cosmetic procedures at the hands of a gifted and innovative surgeon.

Although I am a long-experienced gynecologic, genital plastic and female cosmetic surgeon, and both teach and lecture on the subject, the two days I spent with Red were flush with new ideas about technique, helpful and innovative equipment, and office set-up. I was treated like an honored guest by both Dr. Alinsod and his kind and efficient staff.

I recommend Dr. Alinsod as a surgeon, an innovator, a mentor and a “mensch”. To prospective trainees, I would recommend him as a gifted teacher who unquestionably ?has his act together? when it comes to one-on-one training in all aspects of, and innovation in, women?s genital plastic, cosmetic and pelvic support surgery. His courses are well organized; Red is very giving of his time, experience, and technique, including the important aspects of in-office analgesia/anesthesia, marketing, purchasing (capital expenditures and disposables) and office setup for these procedures.

Michael Goodman, M.D.

Dr. Gracialyn Miranda-Tongol

drmiranda1Clinica Miranda / Ibanez Street
Barangay Sto. Nino, Angono Rizal, 1930

Dec 31, 2014

I searched diligently for almost a year on the internet and spoke with professional colleagues to find the best teaching program and tutorial in aesthetic gynecology no matter what location. Every time I searched for teaching programs in “cosmetic gynecology” the name of Dr. Red Alinsod would always come out. Several competing sites offered some sort of didactic tutorial and a few surgeries but it was the sheer volume and scope of practical office surgery, meticulous eye and artistic passion of Dr. Red that kept his teaching program on top in this field. In fact, I found out that Dr. Red was responsible for the training of several very well known instructors in both America and Europe who developed their programs only after spending time with Dr. Red. He is very proud of his “students.” But of course, I wanted to be trained by the trainer directly.

I finally came to Laguna Beach in the summer of 2014 to meet him in person, and spent a week doing case after case of amazing office based surgery. From the first hour of my preceptorship, I knew I had stumbled into a pot of gold. All aspects were covered from detailed surgical lectures, numerous videos, labs, photography training on live models, meeting with his very own marketing team, and more. We covered labia minoraplasty with his very own Hybrid and Barbie techniques, lateral and vertical clitoral hood reduction, labia majora reduction, hymenoplasty, perineoplasty, and full-length vaginoplasty. All were done awake in his office, with no IVs, and with the patient so very comfortable and usually either taking a nap or having a pleasant conversation with us during the actual surgery. You can’t believe it until you see it. We also covered non-surgical radiofrequency tightening and PRP use on the labial and vaginal tissues. Truly inovative and something you will not see anywhere else in the world. His ThermiVa invention is game changing. It can do so much that lasers cannot achieve. It was endearing to see his very best traits, undying commitment to teach, his words of encouragement, which opened up to me a whole vision of seeing my gynecology practice on a higher plane. It was all worth the trip, my long journey from Manila to Southcoast Orange County and back, all alone by myself. But I experienced the most bountiful experience that I will cherish for a very long long time.

I’m looking forward to seeing him again in 2015 for even more advanced and ingenious techniques and technologies he himself has developed. He lets me come back as often as I wish. It seems like almost all the original ideas that are used in aesthetic gynecology have originated in beautiful Laguna Beach, California.

Lastly, Dr. Red’s staff are masters of their craft. Indeed, my stay with Maria, Diane, Marisol, and Eunice was a really enjoyable and educational experience. Completely unforgettable.

With Warm regards,

Dr. LynLyn Miranda

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Amr Seifeldin, M.D

Amr-Seifeldin-M.D2Gynecologist / Urogynecologist
Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecologist
Cairo – Egypt
Tel: (+2)0100-525-0230

Read Dr. Seifeldin’s article on Clitoral reconstructive surgery after female genital cutting

Dr. Alinsod is one of the best vaginal surgeons I have met, even with my 34 years experience I learned many things, starting from the in office vaginoplasty technique using only local anesthesia without sedation to his novel labiaplasty surgical techniques. His new invention ThermiVa minimal invasive RF device, shows immediate post-therapeutic vaginal and vulva skin tightening improvements in minutes.

I highly recommend his course for any doctor performing female genital procedures whether aesthetic or functional, you will learn many new techniques, tune your surgical skills, and enjoy the Alinsod hospitality.

Amr Seifeldin, M.D
Urogynecologist & Pelvic reconstructive surgeon
Cairo – Egypt

Dott. Ginevra Migliori

drmigliori2Via duca d’aosta 27
Forte dei Marmi
tel.0585 45110 – 0584 787541
Cell. 335 1581559

I am a female Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon and in the past few years I have been developing an increasing interest in finding the right solution for my female patients vaginal problems. So I wanted to learn more about Cosmetic Gynecology and I decided to fly from Italy where I live to Laguna Beach for a on-to-one preceptorship with Dr Red Alinsod. The best training course of the life ever! He showed me in details his comprehensive approach to patients and gave me his pearla and tips about consultation, education, indications, consent, operative techniques, post-treatment management, photography, marketing support, going deep into every single aspect to achieve the best results and patients’ satisfaction. I was so amazed and fascinated by his outstanding techniques for labioplasties, his amazing passion for his job, his kindness, his great ability in teaching, his amazing staff. I strongly recommend this course to everyone who really wishes to learn Cosmetogynecoly at the highest level.

Thank you Dr.Alinsod, Marizol, Maria, Cindy, Diane, Jennifer! You are great!

Joseph Berenholz M.D

drberenholzMichigan Institute of OB/GYN
30445 Northwestern Hwy, Ste140
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
Phone: (248) 855-2229
Fax: (248) 702-6374

Dear Red. As you know I have been a cosmetic gynecologist for 15 years. I was the first gynecologic surgeon to introduce Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation to the Mid West United States. I never thought that there could be anything more that I could learn to enhance my surgical skills when I came to your clinic. I was wrong!! Watching the nuances of your technique has remarkably altered my approach to reconstructive vaginal surgery. Your detailed attention to symmetry and the handling of tissue has had a profound effect on how I now perform surgery. I just performed a combined vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty of the labia minora yesterday. The case took three hours using your methodology. The outcome was spectacular. I believe with the release of your new text on Cosmetic Gynecology, you have finally placed our specialty “on the map.” Thank you for your dedication to teaching and to the advancement of Cosmetic Gynecology.

Best regards,

Joseph Berenholz M.D.

Darush L. Mohyi, MD

drmohyiLa Jolla Cosmetic Gynecology
7724 Fay Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 545-2700


The Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery course was presented professionally. It provided me with the educational knowledge and skills needed to immediately implement specific medical services in my practice.

Dr. Alinsod was very thorough, and continues to be a generous resource of medical knowledge. He and his staff were professional and helpful to the point of sharing marketing materials and tips. I feel confident that I have what I need to expand my practice and provide excellent care to my patients. This was truly worth my investment. I look forward to attending future courses with Dr. Alinsod.


Darush L. Mohyi, MD
Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine
La Jolla Cosmetic Gynecology

Felice Aportadera, MD, FPOGS


Dear Dr Red,

Before I leave for Manila, Philippines today, I thank you for the week of learning from you. Since 2011, I have been researching on preceptorships on Cosmetic Gynecology. I am very happy I made the right choice in choosing your preceptorship. One major regret though is I should have decided on it sooner. Those days spent in your institution made me realize that the world of cosmetic Gynecology was moving fast and it took me quite a long time to join in. I should just have taken the plunge sooner.

Your techniques are like no other in the world. There are so many unconventional learnings in your course that I need to remind myself they happened before my eyes (example: extensive vaginoplasty in an outpatient setting with no IV, using 40 cc local anesthetics, with the patient talking to us during the procedure and allowing that patient to drink fluids).

You are constantly contributing to the practice of Cosmetic Gynecology. I am so excited to read your textbook on Cosmetic Gynecology. You developed Thermiva which has changed management of a lot of gynecological conditions, from surgical into nonsurgical.

I appreciate that you have maintained small groups of 3-4 students. I also chose your course because I know I can go back for more surgical refinementsor when you develop new skills/technology. Many are giving this course for half the price but they have 15-20 students all at the same time. Common stories are that there is a cosmetic gyne trained by another doctor, realizes he/she needs to improve himself more, seeks out you out in Laguna Beach. Or somebody already practicing CoSmetic Gynecology for a longtime visits you for refinements.

I’m in this for the long haul. I wanted to start it right, I wanted to be trained by the master himself or by the person who trained the trainers now. For somebody well known and at the top of your field, I saw how humble and kind you are. No egos around here.

Thank you. See you soon!

Felice Aportadera, MD, FPOGS

Eser Agar, MD, Istanbul Turkey


+90 505 260 7238
+90 533 731 3556

I am practicing gynecology in Istanbul, Turkey. Since the beginning of my career, my interest was in aesthetic surgery and after specializing in gynecology, I sought to specialize in both aesthetic vaginal and pelvic floor surgery. For a long time, I dug deep into the internet for someone who provided a teaching course and found Dr. Alinsod. I decided to take his Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery course because of his world-renowned reputation on this subject. I researched all the training programs available in the U.S. and the world and found out that Dr. Alinsod?s program is second to none. It is the best teaching available for learning the new field of aesthetic vaginal surgery. His expertise in both reconstructive vaginal surgery and aesthetic vaginal surgery and in urogynecology makes the decision easy and sound. He has invented most everything that is new in the field of aesthetic vaginal surgery. Why go elsewhere when you can go to the source of brilliant techniques. So I flew over 20 hours to California for this opportunity.

When I came to Laguna Beach, I met a kind, helpful, and happy person. We were instant friends. He infused his surgical skills into me and taught me his finer points on aesthetic vulvovaginal and pelvic floor surgery. We did cases for an entire week mostly in his office. Amazing feats of surgery with the patient awake and comfortable, truly useful in countries such as mine where cost savings are very important. He showed me an amazing new technique for hymenoplasty which will be helpful to those nations that are doing hymenoplasty in large numbers. You would be surprised about the innovation of his technique and the fantastic results he has achieved with this surgery. Patients from all over the Middle East and the world travel to Laguna Beach to take advantage of Dr. Alinsod?s compulsion for perfection.

I thank Dr. Alinsod for his kindness, for his smiling face and hospitality. I greatly appreciate the time he spent with me. We will be friends for life and I look forward to Dr. Alinsod’s visits to Europe. I would also like to thank Laureen, Tasha, Maria and Diane. I hope to meet you again in the near future.


drsejalSarla Hospital & ICU, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400 054, India
Tel.: +91-9820-019-805 | +91-22-6117-8811/8822/8833
Email: | Web:

I had the most amazing time in my preceptorship with Dr. Red. What can I say about aesthetic Vaginal surgery! It was an eye-opener, something beyond what I had imagined. There was a demand created (excellent marketing skills), patients were counseled (superb team), beautiful surgeries, patients? needs were top priority & end results- truly breathtaking!

Coming from India, where prolapse is very common, I thought I had seen it all in Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery, but was pleasantly proved utterly wrong.

Dr. Red is an astounding surgeon. He thinks the case entirely through, is very clear about anatomic landmarks & is a bold surgeon. His operative skills are ?par excellence? and he gives the patient his best?which is the best available. His mindset is of a plastic surgeon?.He is soooo patient, every stitch is perfect, like poetry in motion. To top it all, the environment is so warm & friendly, making it so easy to communicate, have an open mind, & learn. If I could even put half of his efforts & skills into practice?I would feel I achieved. The experience was unique. To invite Dr. Red & his entire team to India would indeed be a pleasure. I really look forward a long association.

Warm Regards

Dr. Sejal Desai

Courtenay White, MD

cwhite28212 Kelly Johnson Pkwy Suite 125 | Valencia CA 91355
(661) 312-0497 | Email

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the thorough, precise, candid experience you gave me during my course with you. The technical instruction I received far surpassed my expectations. I am impressed with, and grateful for, the amount of specific detail to which you provided me. I felt you completely opened up your practice, techniques and secrets to success and that was more than I could have hoped for. You welcomed my plethora of questions with smiles and honest answers.

What is truly amazing about your program is that the learning and support didn?t stop with the completion of my 3-day course. You graciously invited both me and my staff to return whenever needed to ask more questions or to do more observing. In addition, your offer of continued mentorship after our second visit was a pleasant and welcomed gesture.

The ability to learn from and observe several live surgical cases was invaluable. I am completely satisfied with my choice in your program. I evaluated several other programs and cannot imagine anyone being able to find a more valuable experience than the one my staff and I shared with you.

I wish you continued success and thank you immensely for the solid start you have provided me on my new venture.


Courtenay White, MD

Saeed AlSary, M.D.

dralseryChairman and Program Director of Urogynecology Fellowship
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
PO Box 22490 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | 966 505 11 4511 |

After few years of practicing as a trained urogynecologist and reconstructive female pelvic surgeon, I decided to join Dr. Alinsod to explore the area of aesthetic vulvo-vaginal surgery in depth. I was so delight to find what I was looking for. The Private preceptorship with Dr Alinsod is the right choice for an optimal approach in dealing with such complex medical concerns by female patients. Dr Alinsod has a great personality and absolute dedication towards his patients and trainee. He is ready to share the finest details of his great surgical experience in the most humble manner. Taking this kind of training will surely put you on the track. Your future success depends on many things for which people vary a great deal. Remember ?I can bring the horse to water, yet can?t force him do drink?. I highly recommend his private course and cordially thank him and his great team members, Laureen, Diane, Maria, JJ, for being so professional in making my experience such a memorable one. There is no better program around.

Stefan Smajda, MD, Belgium

drstephanCHIREC Clinique Edith Cavell
Edith Cavell Street #32
1180 Brussels, Belgium
32 2 340-4040 Main Line
32 2 340-4240 Appointments

When I decided to train in vaginal aesthetic surgery, I was looking for a training complementary to pelvic floor surgery. I’m sure I found the world expert in this field with you: combined pelvic floor reconstructive surgery and vaginal-perineal cosmetic surgery.That was so great and your training was highly above my expectations in this field. Even though I am already an accomplished expert urogynecologist and pelvic floor surgeon and am in the forefront of reconstructive pelvic surgery in Belgium, I was very impressed the way you organized this course with professional efficiency and with the assistance of all your team. Specifically, I was fascinated by performing all these procedures under local anesthesia in very safe conditions. Also your surgical skill and instruments (Alinsod’s retractor) allowed me to perform this surgery alone without an assistant. But of course not without Maria!

So all of this was sure a valuable investment for me, and my long journey to visit you was really worth while! .

I want to thank you, Red, and all your staff for the kindness and hospitality during my stay. For sure– you have a friend in Belgium!

Dr Leon H.B. Dupuch, Bahamas

drDupuchConsultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist,
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: 2423276100

I am delighted to be have been given the opportunity to attend Dr. Alinsods course in Laguna Beach, California. I had the pleasure of first meeting Dr. Alinsod at the CAVS conference in Arizona and was very much impressed with his enthusiasm and dedication to the field of aesthetic gynecology. His love and commitment for the ongoing improvement of this specialty was apparent immediately.

It was somewhat of a daunting task trying to decide which course to attend. There were many available all of which vary significantly in cost. Dr. Alinsods course is a bit more expensive than others but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

His course imparts both organizational skills and leadership qualities second to none, as well as providing the insight into refined techniques and invaluable information on guidelines and protocols needed to build and pursue a safe practice in aesthetic/cosmetic gynecology.

Dr. Alinsod is an enthusiastic and conscientious teacher who showed commitment beyond what I could have ever expected. Without hesitation, I cannot recommend his course more strongly.

Richard D. Fisher, MD

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to undertake a preceptorship offered by Dr. Red Alinsod in surgical labiaplasty. Although, as a cosmetic surgeon, I perform a wide variety of facial plastic and body-contouring procedures, I have had limited experience with and little demand for vaginal rejuvenation surgeries. However, after introducing to my practice the wonderful new non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure, ThermiVA developed by Dr. Alinsod to my practice, I expect that will soon change.

My preceptorship with Dr. Alinsod exceeded all my expectations. The live surgeries were excellent demonstrations of Dr. Alinsod’s meticulous technique with carefully selected patients in comfortable setting and a friendly atmosphere. Every aspect of the surgeries was carefully explained and every question patiently answered. The procedures were accompanied by a detailed lecture session, hands-on use of his instrumentation, and an extremely interesting photography module.

Dr. Alinsod is both a master surgeon and a consummate teacher. It’s obvious he puts great deal of thought and effort into his preceptorships to maximize their value for the attendee. For me it was a superb learning experience, one I highly endorse.

Richard D. Fisher, MD

J. Kyle Mathews, MD, FACOG, AACS

drmathewsPlano Urogynecology Associates
Institute for Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery
3108 Midway Road, Suite 210
Plano, TX 75093

July 30, 2011– I highly recommend Dr. Alinsod?s Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery Course. His willingness to share advanced techniques, surgical pearls, and vast experience make the course an exceptional learning experience. The course is well organized and case observations are excellent. The extensive syllabus, office forms, and supportive materials reinforce the training experience and provide a valued resource for review and reference. It has been my privilege to work with Dr. Alinsod on a number of occasions now and each time I leave with a vast improvement of my knowledge, and skills. He is truly an innovator in the field.

Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to learn from industry icons that not only are leaders in their fields but develop them as well. These experiences have proven invaluable. Dr. Alinsod is one such individual. His foresight, innovation, and personality provided a great learning experience that has furthered my knowledge and skills in Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery. The opportunity to learn from a truly exceptional vaginal surgeon cannot be over emphasized. His ability to teach his innovative techniques, and explain complex concepts makes his preceptor experience second to none. With a well-organized staff, excellent operating facilities, and great location, I am left with only one question, ?When can I go back.?