Uterine Suspension

When a firm mass is felt or a hard bulge is seen protruding out the vagina it usually a cervix and uterus prolapsing past the vaginal opening. This problem typically was treated with a hysterectomy or an abdominal procedure to shorten stretched out ligaments thereby “suspending the uterus and cervix. Dr. Alinsod has pioneered vaginal surgery techniques for uterine prolapse that is entirely vaginal in approach with no skin incisions. This technique has been taught world-wide. Uterine Suspension is done under general, regional, or local anesthesia in the surgery center or operating room. Uterine Suspension takes 60 minutes to perform. Most insurance companies cover this procedure.

Patient History: This lady in her mid 50s suffered with complaints of a protruding firm mass comming out of her vagina. She had prior vaginal surgery to repair prolapsed bladder and rectum but now her uterus was falling down. She did not want a major surgery and declined a hysterectomy. She wanted to know if there was a uterine suspension that could be done with a vaginal approach and no abdominal scars.

Procedure Performed: Vaginal Uterine Suspension with sling

Outcome: She underwent and outpatient uterine suspension with the entire case approached from the vagina. Her cervix and uterus were suspended to its natural location using a sling normally used for incontinence surgery. She recovered quickly and resumed normal activities within six weeks.