Pellet Therapy: Hormone Replacement with Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

biote hormone pelletsBioTE® Medical’s method of pellet therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women across the United States achieve hormone balance and restore their health. BioTE’s approach to hormone therapy utilizing pellets involves bioidentical hormone pellets that minimize the negative side effects that are commonly associated with synthetic hormones. Age healthier…live happier!™ with the BioTE method. Using our subcutaneous pellet approach to bioidentical hormone therapy, some patients report feeling symptom relieve in as little as seven to 10 days, but complete symptom relief may take up to six months.

Dr. Red Alinsod has provided individualized and personalized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for over 30 years.

Thousands of patients have successfully received life-changing relief of their menopausal symptoms while dramatically reducing their risks of disease from a multitude of medical conditions. Dr. Alinsod has one of the most successful practices that has a specific concentration on perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal issues. He worked hand-in-hand with Dr. James Carter, a pioneer and visionary in the bio-identical world, before it gained acceptance by mainstream medicine.

There is a great deal of press and misinformation about hormone use. You may be hesitant to consider using hormones in menopause because of the Woman’s Health Initiative, a decade old study focusing on synthetic hormone replacement therapy. You may have been told by many to “Stop The Hormones!” They are blamed for causing cancer, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and even memory loss. Modern research disputes these claims.

In reality, women who ignore hormonal deficiencies may actually be at far greater risk for all of these medical conditions and more. 30+ years of research in the most prominent medical journals overwhelmingly confirm the benefits of natural hormone replacement, specifically estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and thyroid hormone. Our practice has the aim of not only helping with your present symptoms but to improve your health and quality of life.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, also known as “Natural Hormone Therapy,” is the specific use of natural and molecularly identical hormones that the human body makes as an augmentation or replacement for its reduced production. The term “Bio-identical” was coined by Jonathan Wright, M.D., to describe unpatentable, plant-derived molecules he believed were identical to human hormones. The term “Natural” denotes the source of the hormone as from a plant or an animal. Most lay people only recognize plant sources though the medical community accepts animal sources also as “bio-identical.”

Bio-identical hormones are most often used for the menopausal symptoms of temperature instability leading to hot flashes, night sweats, chills, and flushing sensations. About 75-80% of women will experience these symptoms as they enter menopause. It is also used for the dryness and discomfort of the aging vulva and vagina by replacing lost collagen and improving the blood flow to the area and increasing the natural moistness of vaginal tissues. Unfortunately, 100% of menopausal women will suffer from this dryness and potential shrinkage of vaginal size if left untreated. Also significant in menopause are the loss of good quality sleep and the sense of well-being. Tempers are shorter, there is reduced sexual desire, and diminished sexual response. The wicked cycle of hot flashes and night sweats lead to sleep disturbance and frequent awakening and then fatigue resulting in short tempers and irritability. This can then impact interpersonal relationships and damage personal intimacy. Adrenal fatigue and thyroid dysfunction can also occur at this time complicating the picture. A careful workup is needed to define and address these issues.

Bio-identical hormones used for modern treatment include estradiol, estriol, estrone, progesterone, testosterone, and dehydroepiansdrosterone (DHEA). Pregnenolone is another agent sometimes used. Most commonly they are made by a compounding pharmacy in the form of creams, pellets, pills, capsules, drops. Each route has its advantages and disadvantages. The ideal route is usually one that bypasses the mouth and stomach to spare activation of the liver that may produce substances that increase the risk of clot formation.

Dr. Alinsod uses specific combinations of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and other hormones to fit each patient’s individualized needs. His expertise in finding the right combination of hormones for each patient is the key to successful treatment. Dr. Alinsod diagnoses and treats a variety of gynecologic conditions many of which need hormone replacement therapy to correct. The therapy ranges from a single hormone to multiple combinations of hormones tailored for the individual to help treat different symptoms. The various forms of hormone replacement therapy allow delivery of hormones in the most optimal method for the patient. Every woman is unique and will respond to therapy differently so close monitoring is essential.

What sets Dr. Alinsod’s Bio-identical practice from others?

First and foremost, he is a gynecologist/urogynecologist specializing only in women’s issues. He is able to follow a continuum of gynecologic problems that begin in the teen years, to the young adulthood, to perimenopause, to menopause and beyond. His workups, diagnosis, and treatments are supported by solid science, research, and “evidence based medicine.” No hoaky or quack medicine allowed but there is openness to complimentary and alternative medical care that is science based. Herbal and nutriceutical supplements are used as Dr. Alinsod stays in the forefront of knowledge in this field.

Second, Dr. Alinsod has assembled an outstanding team of clinicians and support staff that has customer service as its top priority. Same-day appointments, same-day returns of phone calls and emails are provided. You will have direct access to Dr. Alinsod and his staff.

Third, Lab services are in the office. Lab results are personally called in or emailed to you as soon as they arrive. Serum blood testing is generally used, as it is the most accurate for most situations. Saliva testing is also available when needed.

Fourth, complex issues such as pelvic prolapse, fallen bladder or rectum, fallen uterus or vagina, and incontinence are his forte and can be cared for.

Lastly, the costs are quite fair and reasonable as compared to other bio-identical practices in the community.

Please look at all our practice has to offer. Read our web pages on numerous topics, read our Frequently Asked Questions, look at our graphics, and do call us or email us for more details. We are always happy to hear from you.