Labiaplasty Revisions

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Case 6

Patient History: This young lady in her mid twenties wanted to improve the appearance of her large labia. She consulted with a very prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon frequently seen on TV. The plastic surgeon had very few photos of his work with labias. She was reassured by the surgeon and his staff that labial surgery was a common procedure he performed on a regular basis.

The plastic surgeon recommended a labia minora plasty. There was no mention of a need to reduce the prominence of the clitoral hood. Surgery was performed at a surgery center owned by the surgeon. She underwent general anesthesia then a scissors excision of excess labia.

Once fully healed she realized the discrepancy in prominence of the clitoral hood versus the labia minora that was left. She regretted that no clitoral hood reduction was discussed by the surgeon. The “Dog Ears” beneath the clitoral hood and frenulum bothered her a great deal. The lumpy skin with bumps also bothered her.

Procedure Performed: Clitoral Hood Reduction, Radiosurgical resurfacing and revision of irregular labial edges, refinement and elimination of the “Dog Ears.”

Outcome: Very happy patient full of confidence after six weeks of recovery. Several referral of friends for labial surgeries to our practice.

Before Revision

Immediately After Revision

6 weeks After Revision