Labiaplasty Revisions

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Case 5

Patient History: This young lady in her twenties had a labia minora plasty by a prominent plastic surgeon. The surgeon advertised that he had done many cases in his practice and that he learned the techniques in his residency. Surgery in a surgery center was done under general anesthesia. A “Barbie Look” was requested and the surgeon reassured her that he would be able to perform the specific technique. The patient wanted her labia minora to be reduced a significant amount and found the results to be less than what she requested. No clitoral hood reduction was discussed or recommended. Three months after surgery she was unhappy with the clitoral hood prominence and the still large labial size and protrusion dramatically past the labia majora. The patient visited our office and requested a major revision and resurfacing. Her goal was to have the labia minora not protrude past the labia majora and to have the bulkiness of the clitoral hood area reduced in size and prominence.

Procedure Performed:Labia minora revision to a Barbie Look with clitoral hood reduction and radio surgical resurfacing of irregular edges.

Outcome: Barbie Look with smooth and undetectable surgical lines. Full return to daily activities at eight weeks.


Before Revision

After Revision