Labiaplasty Revisions

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Case 4

History: Patient in her mid 40s had a labiaplasty done by her plastic surgeon five years previously. She did not like the final appearance of irregular and jagged edges and excess clitoral hood skin that was not reduced. She wanted a more smooth and refined appearance. She also did not like that her labia majora sagged more in the intervening years giving her vulvovaginal appearance of “looking tired.” The hemorrhoid made things worse with a constant feeling of inadequate cleaning and chronic irritation.

Surgery Performed: Barbie Look Labia Minora Resurfacing and Revision, Clitoral Hood Reduction and Resurfacing, Labia Majora Plasty, Radiosurgical Hemorrhoidectomy.

Results: Extremely happy that the Barbie Look she wanted was achievable even half a decade after her original surgery. She loved the new and tighter appearance of her vulvovaginal area.

Before Revision

Immediately After Revision

6 weeks After Revision

12 weeks After Revision

Side View Before Revision

After Revision – 12 weeks

Before Revision

After Revision

Before Revision

After Revision

Before Revision

Patient View
After Revision 12 Weeks

Left Pull Before Revision

Left Pull After Revision

Right Pull Before Revision

Right Pull After Revision

Rear View Before Revision

Rear View After Revision

Legs Up Before Revision

Legs Up After Revision 12 weeks