Labiaplasty Revisions

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Case 11

Patient History: A lady in her early 30s complained of large irregular shaped labia minora with dark pigmentation on the edges. She requested a more petite appearance with smooth edges. She underwent RF labiaplasty with her results seen on the second photo. She was not satisfied with the bumpy edges and requested them to appear more smooth. She underwent a labiaplasty resurfacing revision with pinpoint RF technique know as “Feathering.”

Procedure Performed:Feathering Revision was done to smoothen the edges of the labia minora and perineal opening at the bottom of her vaginal opening. Healing took six weeks. Both numbing cream, estrogen cream, and collagen cream were used to aid in healing and give comfort.

Outcome: The patient was extremely happy with the resulting petite appearance and smooth texture of her labial tissues. No suture lines were visible and a natural appearance was achieved.