Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

We have some of the most extensive and successful experience on the use of tissue and mesh in vaginal pelvic reconstruction. The use of recently developed devices has enabled a vaginal approach to even the most difficult of pelvic organ prolapse thereby eliminating almost all abdominal incisions. These recent innovations have made surgeries shorter, faster, outpatient, with fewer complication rates and higher success rates. Renowned surgeons from all areas of the country have flown in to observe Dr. Alinsod perform surgery. He has also taught numerous gynecologists and urologists nationwide in his techniques of repair. Less than 1% of all gynecologists are trained in these advanced procedures. Dr. Alinsod’s efforts are focused at increasing these numbers.
Dr. Alinsod performing surgery

Before Enterocele Repair & Vaginoplasty

After Enterocele Repair & Vaginoplasty

Before Rectocele and Enterocele

After Rectocele and Enterocele

Before Total Uterovaginal Vault Prolapse

After Total Uterovaginal Vault Prolapse

Before Tissue Patch Repair
After Tissue Patch Repair

POP Mesh
POP Mesh Repair

Uterine Prolapse Before
After removing the Cervix and Uterus