Laguna Laser Center is the West Coast Training Center for Pellevé™ . and is the longest running, most experienced Pellevé provider in the entire region. Dr. Alinsod is a pioneer in radiosurgical techniques.


Laguna Laser Center is now the West Coast Training Center for Pellevé™ . We acquired the first machines about two years ago and continue to be amazed by its extraordinary results. It is the newest FDA-cleared skin tightening procedure to safely and effectively treat facial and neck wrinkles without surgery. It is the only skin tightening device that is approved for use around the eyes. It has been used overseas in Europe and Asia for many years. Using advanced radiowave technology, the Pellevé™ system precisely heats the deep layers of the skin without damaging the epidermis, or top layer. The heat causes the collagen in the skin to contract and tighten. Old collagen is broken down to hasten the arrival of newer and tighter collagen. As an analogy, it is like breaking down old driveways to lay down the new cement. All of this occurs under the skin but the results are seen on the surface immediately after treatment with further tightening over a span of four months. After treatment, the skin begins to produce new collagen, which improves skin firmness, skin softness, and skin smoothness. The result is a naturally refreshed appearance. Age seems to melt away with the heat.


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How Pellevé works at the cellular level


Watch our new animation to learn how Pellevé promotes the synthesis of new collagen and elastin through the use of radiofrequency. The resulting tightening of the epidermis happens gradually, without causing damage to the skin.


Pellevé precisely targets the subdermal junction

The Pellevé Wrinkle Reduction System precisely delivers energy to the dermal tissue using advanced radiowave technology to induce collagen contraction without damaging the epidermis. The result is noticeable improvement in skin quality and appearance.


  • Radio frequency surgical equipment emits energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, which are absorbed by the surrounding tissue, creating a heated treatment zone
  • Increased resistance causes heat buildup at the subdermal junction
  • Heat induces collagen denaturization, followed by collagen contraction
  • Collagen breaks down
  • Protein stimulation causes new collagen formation and production in the dermis
  • Existing bands of collagen tighten in subcutaneous fat
  • Remodeling of collagen occurs in dermis and subcutaneous fat, creating a superficial tightening of the epidermis



Unlike other skin tightening systems, Thermage and Titan as examples, Pellevé™ doesn’t require topical anesthesia or skin cooling. Patients can expect to feel a deep warming sensation each time the handpiece touches the area being treated. Because the skin is not numb, the patient can describe the depth and intensity of heat to the doctor, tell him or her to move to another area, or keep working in the same area, which helps to ensure the best possible results. It is all patient-guided and extremely safe. Patients can also return to home or work immediately. There is essentially NO DOWNTIME. The mild pinkness of skin goes away in about 30 minutes. There are no confusing or complicated after-care instructions and the patient can resume their routine skin care and makeup use. Side effects may include mild heat discomfort during the procedure within the area being treated. Blisters are rare as are skin burns. Mild swelling and redness may also occur, which typically go away within 3 to 5 days but can last up to several weeks. This later situation is quite rare.

Pellevé™ can be used to treat the skin on the face, including the eye area. Many people start to see results after just one treatment, with lasting improvement in skin tightness and tone for up to six months according to Ellman International, the makers of the machine. In our experience, the effects last much longer and there are anecdotal reports from Europe and Asia of effects that go out two to five years. A full face and neck treatment takes only about an hour and fits easily into busy schedules. Two to three treatments, a month apart, are recommended with a yearly touch-up treatment as needed. For best results, it’s important to choose a team experienced in administering Pellevé™ . It is highly doctor-skill dependant.

Other areas we have treated with great success include the hands, arms, thighs, abdomen, and labia majora. Our practice was the first to perform and develop protocols for labia majora laxity. Formerly, only surgery could help a patient suffering from the unsightly drop of their labia majora and loss of skin tone. Patients who had the “Camel Toes” appearance or had personal discomfort issues with their labia majora (larger outer lips of the vulva) have been able to avoid labia majora plasty surgery and save money.

Our Hand/Arm Rejuvenation Program is a success because of the 1-2 punch of Pellevé™ when combined with the Silk Peel and Collagenizer Treatments and the use of the Collagen Cream.

Lastly, Pellevé™ is part of our Stretch Marks and Scar Reduction Program. A return to a more youthful look has been achieved throughout most body areas treated with radiowaves. It is quite a useful device in the fight against the aged appearance.