With MUCH Gratitude…CP, all the way from Utah!

Eleven years ago, I had a very rough delivery with my son. I had a beautiful baby boy; however, MY body was left pretty torn up. The years that followed proved to be challenging for me. Whenever I had a bowel movement, I had to sit a certain way…it was disturbing to me. Also, when I would sit down, I always had to adjust my internal organs. I am very active and work out everyday and “my problem” just continued to get worse. I began to get depressed about it, thinking I could never change it. I felt like “damaged goods” and certainly forgot what it was like to feel normal. I had consultations with different doctors who either were not qualified to do what I needed done, or I did not feel comfortable having them do surgery on me. Just when I thought that this condition would be with me for the rest of my life….I found Dr. Alinsod! Dr. Alinsod and his staff are warm, compassionate and caring. I emailed Dr. Alinsod to ask if he could help me and he emailed me back within and hour! Who does that? And it just got even better from there! I set up a consultation with Dr. Alinsod and he answered EVERY question I had. I decided that he was THE ONE who could fix me…and boy was I right! He performed a transobturator sling and pelvic reconstruction with vaginoplasty and perinoeplasty on me. My leakage and my pelvic pressure are gone and I am as if I never had a baby! I am a CHANGED WOMAN!!! I am back to being me and excited about my life again! Dr. Alinsod and his staff are AMAZING! They are ALL kind and caring and most importantly know EXACTLY what they are doing! Dr. Alinsod gave me my life back! THANK YOU, Dr. Alinsod!

With MUCH Gratitude…CP, all the way from Utah!

professional and highly dedicated

Earlier this year, I traveled from Yuma, AZ so that Dr. Alinsod could perform bladder surgery on me. Dr. Alinsod and his stuff are the best you will ever find. I have been to many Doctors before and by far, this office is the best.

Dr. Alinsod will listen to your needs and answer any questions you may have. He told me, “no question is dumb, if it’s of concern, it’s worth asking”. He also explains your condition in terms that you can easily understand.

In my experience he is a very professional and highly dedicated to his profession. I highly recommend Dr. Alinsod to anyone in need of his services.

Thank You,
Mary A. Yuma, AZ.

You are a wonderful, caring doctor

Dear Dr. Alinsod,

My last year in the military I was anonymously accused of wrongdoing and had to endure an investigation that lasted three months. During that time I was removed from my position as Commander, had to move out of my office, and work in another section and wasn’t allowed to talk to anybody about the reasons why. I was cleared of any wrongdoing but the damage had already been done to my reputation and I was not allowed to resume my position.
I relied heavily on my friends and family during that horrible ordeal. But more importantly I relied on the power of prayer. I am a firm believer that everyone must account for what they do during their life and will be dealt with by God. In the end, this woman, her husband, and her lawyer will receive their just rewards!

Keep strong, you are a wonderful, caring doctor.


I was so happy about my results

I was very impressed with how easy it was to have my Labiaplasty procedure. Dr. Alinsod personally called me the very next day after researching his website. He was ready to answer all of my questions and I scheduled an appointment that day. He informed me of what to expect and how it is a regular procedure at his office. I couldn’t believe how many women had the same surgery there every week! His office even provided me with a medical surgery loan option. I felt ready and confident about my decision. It was fast and painless. Dr. Alinsod and his staff made me feel very comfortable and secure during my surgery. Everyone was nice, experienced, and professional. Afterwards, if I had any questions Dr. Alinsod was always available via phone or email and returned my messages promptly. If I had known it was that easy I would have done it a long time ago! Before I found Dr. Alinsod I had consulted with other Dr’s in the area who were very impersonable and left me feeling pressured. As soon as I spoke with Dr. Alinsod and researched his work I knew I had found the perfect place. I was so happy about my results and my experience with him and his staff that I kept him as my regular Dr. until I permanently moved out of state. To this day I still haven’t found a better place or Dr. since! Thanks for your insight Dr. Alinsod. it’s nice to know i can still bother you with all of my crazy questions! lol…..Thank you.
-Jacquelyn D. – 29, Las Vegas, NV.

Grateful – A Patient in O.C.

I am so grateful to you for your amazing skills that allowed these procedures to be taken care of right then and there. Both my labiaplasty last December and yesterdays procedures were much less scary during the process than my fear of them. Both you and Maria (she’s my mental comfort zone) make things so mentally reassuring and physically comfortable as possible.

I appreciate how you can make something that is potentially horrendous to me into something matter of fact and fixable. I’ve also appreciated the honesty from you and your staff on what to expect after surgery. It’s the first time that what I experienced was what was explained to me.

My body feels relief and I feel very lucky to have found you!! Thank you again for all your many hours of work, study, research, and practice that’s allowed so many of us to benefit. I will refer others to you whenever possible.
Grateful – A Patient in O.C.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart

Dear Dr. Alinsod,

Can you believe it? It’s now been a year since my procedure with you. Every day since, I have been SO thankful that I found you and that I did my procedure! Well, I must say that I wasn’t “fully” thankful during the healing process because things do get a bit “crazy” down there with all the swelling and all; but thank goodness you were available and with me through it all from beginning to end because it made a world of difference. I’ve been around the medical industry – have worked with many physicians and people in healthcare, and I must say that you are my very favorite and truly a gem!

Let me start from the beginning. I’ve always had a larger mons pubis and labia majora. I didn’t realize mine was larger than “normal” until later in life; but regardless, from as early as I can remember I was always careful with clothes and self-conscious with how things looked down there so it wouldn’t be as noticeable. Even though I’m an average sized person, shopping would usually be a chore, and certain clothes were definitely off-limits! A couple years previous to seeing you, I even had lipo of my mons area. It helped some, but not in any major way to improve my daily concern. Yes, I say daily because it was always on my mind and something I hated. People who don’t have this issue don’t understand because it’s not something they have nor have to live with.

Thus began my quest to find another doctor (when the lipo didn’t work). I thought maybe finding a physician who specialized in female issues would be my answer. All I thought I needed was more lipo of my labia majora, but that wasn’t the case at all I found out. On my consult with you, you explained everything and put me at ease. It’s not easy to talk about this issue to people, even to a doctor! You also put me in touch with Dr. Mills, a plastic surgeon upstairs – it worked out too that I was able to see him right after my consult with you so I wouldn’t have to make a repeat trip. So the conclusion was: I would need to have a labiaplasty of my labia majora and a mons pubis reduction – a double procedure done by both you (for the labiaplasty) and Dr. Mills for the monsplasty) right after the other. I was in total shock because I didn’t have that in mind when I saw you; but after I left, thought about it more, and did more research, both of you were right. The only way to fix my problem was to do as was suggested by the two of you. After all, you both were the experts; but I still had to get it into my stubborn head. And now I had the consideration of two surgeries, additional costs, the idea of scars and being cut (when all I thought was needed was more lipo), and a whole host of other things.

I remember emailing you all the time with questions… and I mean all the time! You were always so prompt, informative, and amazing at getting back to me! That totally stood out… because I wasn’t even a patient of yours yet (and even when I was, you were still great with follow-up and taking care of me)! After the idea settled into my head with understanding what needed to be done to “fix” me, I still had 3 issues and concerns:
1) Cost
2) Scars
3) Sensitivity

Cost – it’s understandable. I had to face the idea of having 2 procedures and with my being out of work, it complicated things. I knew I would always do my labiaplasty with you. But I did visit my other doctor who did my lipo and his cost was significantly less expensive. After talking with him, he wanted to do both procedures for me actually; but in the end I knew I had to stick with you and Dr. Mills. The trust I developed with you spoke volumes and knew that outweighed the cost difference.

Scars – obviously. I didn’t want ugly scars down at my labia and also in front with my monsplasty. And being Asian, I knew that I had a tendency to scar darker and more easily. For the labiaplasty, it helped to understand the technique you used to minimize scarring. And for the mons, your confidence in Dr. Mills, along with seeing some of his work, helped me know he did a nice job with stitching.

Sensitivity – no doubt. I didn’t want any loss of sensitivity with the area. Any loss of sensitivity with my clitoris or pleasure with sex was not worth it. You assured me, and I just had to trust.

Post-surgery, I had greater than normal swelling so I was a bit disappointed. But I knew that each person is different when it came to their bodies and healing so a lot of it was a waiting game. One thing I wish I knew before going in was how crazy things were going to get down there! Everything was huge with the swelling, some bruising, and things were pretty much unidentifiable. I was active on a message board at the time, and it seemed like the normal healing time was about 4-6 weeks for most of the ladies on there. Of course, I know I had more stuff done and swelled more for some reason; so for me, it took about a good 8 weeks till I looked more “normal” down there.

Things that helped post-op:
You as my doctor. To see you for follow-ups and your being there with any questions I had helped me not freak out. Any healing issues I thought were strange or abnormal, I was able to get in touch with you, even while you were on vacation.
Ice packs. I didn’t ice right away, not realizing how important it was. But when I did ice regularly, it helped tremendously to minimize the swelling.
Motrin. It helped reduce the swelling. I believe you said I could start taking Motrin 2 wks post-op.
Peri bottle. It helped me clean down there after going to the restroom and stuff.
Minimal activity. I could really tell a difference at the end of the day with swelling after I had been more active and on my feet.
About my 3 main concerns:

1) Cost – it was well worth it!

2) Scars – because of your technique, my labiaplasty scar isn’t noticeable whatsoever! I’m so happy with it! And the monsplasty that Dr. Mills did turned out low and very thin. Thanks for recommending him.

3) Sensitivity – you were absolutely correct. I haven’t lost any sensitivity with my clitoris or anything sexually. Happiness!

Again, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. You’ve changed everything! What used to be a daily concern and problem for me is now a daily gratitude. I found you and had my procedure at age 37 – boy, do I wish I had found you much earlier. Nonetheless, I am extremely grateful and beyond appreciative! Thank you for helping women and for doing what you do. I hope more women with gynecological, urogynecological or vaginal aesthetic needs discover you and your beautiful work. If you ever have any patients that need to talk with someone who has “been there/done that”, feel free to contact me! You’re the best, Dr. Alinsod!


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