Hi Dr. Alinsod! I have been meaning to send you this letter and I am sorry that it has taken me so long to write this! I guess I have been so busy getting on with life and so thrilled with the results, that I no longer think about it on a daily basis! I just want to say thank you so much for everything you and your staff have done for me! The entire experience from start to finish was excellent! It far exceeded my expectations!!:) Even though I was coming to Laguna Beach to have surgery, this was one of the best experiences of my life. Both Diane and Laureen were very helpful to me over the phone with any questions that I had, including helping me find a wonderful place to stay post-op. I could not have been any more comfortable there and I honestly cannot remember a time that I felt more at peace during my stay.

Also, Maria and Marisol helped me feel very comfortable from start to finish with the entire surgical procedure. Maria is one of the most caring people I have ever met. She treated me like a princess and made me feel so special while I was in her care. I will remember her forever!

Thank you Dr. Alinsod for caring about me and my outcome so much! In my opinion it is a rare find to discover such a Dr. like yourself that cares more about the final result than the financial gain. You have truly changed my life and I am grateful now and forever with any personal relationships that I have, for I now feel more confident than ever before! I no longer hold back because of those previous insecurities! 🙂

Thank you again to you and your staff, you guys truly made a huge difference in my life! I cannot express my gratitude enough! I hope that I can come back in the future and visit such a beautiful place!! THANK YOU.

–A grateful and changed woman


If you have been suffering most of your life with oversized labia and you are reading this testimonial because you are trying to work up the courage to finally do something about the problem and to find a surgeon who you can trust to not only provide you with amazing results, but to make you feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way, look no further than Dr. Alinsod!

I am a 38 year old who has suffered from oversized labia since puberty. Not only was this problem emotionally humiliating, causing me to never want to be seen naked around a man, but even worse, the problem was painful; causing severe irritation after intercourse and exercise, and constant tugging and pulling when wearing tight fitted clothing; resulting in chronic infections and discomfort. Over the past year, I have taken up a very rigorous exercise routine which only intensified the problem and finally encouraged me to do something about it.

After months of talking myself in and out of corrective surgery and researching hundreds of plastic surgeons, I finally decided to have a consultation with Dr. Alinsod. I chose him because my research showed that he was the pioneer of labiaplasty surgery; the one who patients would have to come see for “clean up” surgery after some other less-experienced, less-skilled surgeon left them mutilated. Dr. Alinsod has albums of before and after pictures which speak for themselves; before pictures of women with the most severely oversized labia I have ever seen, or worse, botched surgeries by unskilled surgeons who left them completely mutilated; accompanied by after pictures that look like a work of art. I was impressed not only with the drastic difference that Dr. Alinsod was able to make in all of these women, but with the fact that you could not tell that these women had ever had plastic surgery; they were not scarred, disfigured, or unnatural looking in any way. They all looked as if they had just been born with beautiful anatomy and that is exactly the look I wanted to achieve.

Convinced that Dr. Alinsod was by far, the most skilled surgeon in his field, I finally worked up the courage to schedule a consultation with him. I was extremely nervous prior to the consultation. I am a very modest person and have never had elective plastic surgery prior to this. I am not one to openly share my body with people and dreaded the thought of a plastic surgeon examining and evaluating the part of my body that caused me so much insecurity. But let me tell you, all of that nervousness and dread was immediately put to rest within the first minute of meeting Dr. Alinsod. This is a man who has truly perfected his bedside manner. He has so much expertise in his field that he truly understands the self consciousness and humiliation his patients are feeling; and he knows how to immediately put that to rest. He validated every one of my concerns; that my oversized labia were causing me pain and discomfort and that it had become a medical concern; not just a matter of vanity, ego, or perfectionism. He agreed with me that this would be an ongoing problem for me after exercise and intercourse and that he could perform a labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction that would successfully resolve these problems for me once and for all. He walked me through every last detail of the surgery and recovery so that I would know exactly what to expect; and he didn’t “oversell” me on anything; he was extremely open and honest about the level of pain and discomfort that I would experience and the best ways to manage it. I left Dr. Alinsod’s office that day with such a sense of relief and validation, with absolutely no doubt that I had made the right decision for myself to go forward with the surgery.

The day of my surgery went exactly as Dr. Alinsod had outlined. I was very concerned about being awake during this type of procedure, but my pain and comfort level were perfectly controlled, just as Dr. Alinsod promised me they would be. And just as he said would be the case, I was actually watching TV and dozing off to sleep throughout the procedure. Maria, Dr. Alinsod’s Assistant, never left my side and made me feel as though I had a dear friend holding my hand the entire time. She has an incredible gift of making people comfortable and tended to my every need, even making me laugh along the way. I left my surgery that day feeling comfortable, thankful, and so very relieved that I had finally found a solution to this debilitating problem.

My recovery from surgery was also exactly as Dr. Alinsod had outlined. I was sore for the first two weeks, but as long as I followed Dr. Alinsod’s recovery procedures, took my medications and applied my creams as prescribed, I was comfortable enough to get on with the basics of daily life without any complications. I saw Dr. Alinsod twice during the healing process and he was more than willing to make the time to examine my progress and assure me that everything was healing as it should. As each day passed, I could see the healing progress and by my six week check up, I was a completely healed, new woman! As I said, the before and after pictures speak for themselves; I do not look like I have gone through plastic surgery and instead, just look like I was blessed with beautiful anatomy from birth! But the difference in experience and how I feel can only be described by a patient who has gone through this process. I am only six weeks out from surgery and for the first time in my life, I can exercise and have intercourse with being in pain! I can wear fitted jeans without feeling tugging and rubbing! And I can stand naked in front of my husband without feeling self conscious and wanting to cover my vaginal area! The change that this has made in my life brings me to tears as I write this because I truly do feel like a new woman!

So if you are suffering from enlarged labia and can relate to what it feels like to be in pain every time you exercise or have intercourse, to constantly feel rubbing and tugging every time you wear fitted clothing, or to feel ashamed to be naked in front of your partner, PLEASE don’t wait like I did! Call Dr. Alinsod’s office and at least make an appointment to come in and talk to him. He has the skill, the compassion, and the expertise to change your life and there is absolutely no need for you to suffer any longer. This is a man you can trust and confide in and I promise you, the only regret you will have is not making the appointment sooner!!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Alinsod, Maria, and the rest of the staff at South Coast Urogynecolgoy! You have given me my life back!!!

With so much gratitude,



After having botched labiaplasty surgery in Eastern Europe, from a supposed expert, I began contacting several American revision specialists as no one in Europe specializes in labia revisions. After consulting with several renowned and world famous surgeons, I decided on Dr. Alinsod who immediately made me feel comfortable and confident that he was the right surgeon. His extensive revision and reconstructive surgical experience convinced me to choose him and I’m so happy I did. Unlike my original surgeon, who had very very few photographs of their work, Dr. Alinsod provided me with dozens and dozens of patient photos of his actual patients. His website had amazing details. The radiosurgery revisions he performed were several levels above what other surgeons could achieve. Plus he invented those techniques himself. So I flew out to Laguna Beach, California. I wish I had seen Dr. Alinsod for my original labiaplasty.

I found Dr. Alinsod’s bedside manner and personality engaging and professional. I felt very well-informed about all my choices, options on different appearances my surgery could achieve, and on how to care for myself after surgery. Dr. Alinsod takes all the time you need to discuss the procedure and answers any questions you might have. He’s patient and walked me through every step of the process. I found that very comforting. He provided me with 24-hour email, Skype, and phone access and answered all my questions so rapidly.

My experience with Dr. Alinsod and his staff was absolutely wonderful. Not only is Dr. Alinsod incredibly talented; he’s the nicest, most caring surgeon I have ever met. He was very easy to talk to and non-judgmental at all. His staff was extremely friendly and helpful, especially Maria who made me feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire process. She always held my hand with empathy. I felt very well taken care of. After surgery I was able to enjoy the warmth and beauty of Southern California.

After returning home I’ve kept in contact with Dr. Alinsod via e-mail, sending him updates on my healing process. He kept a close eye on my healing progress. Whenever I have had any worries, he always puts me at ease and I find it very reassuring that he still cares about my well being even though I’m in another continent. Now I understand why patients from all parts of the world travel to Laguna Beach to see Dr. Alinsod.

Needless to say, I’m very happy with the results! I’m so grateful I found Dr. Alinsod and can’t speak highly enough of him and his staff. It was beyond worth it to fly overseas to see Dr. Alinsod and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in having labiaplasty or aesthetic gynecologic surgery.

From Eastern Europe with thanks,

– Anonymous


There are no words for how pleased I am with the results from my surgery. Being a model, it was very important to me that I selected the very best doctor and after a long, extensive search, I chose Dr. Alinsod. He was the best choice. I am beyond happy with the results. Dr. Alinsod is in a league of his own. He is a surgeon’s surgeon. I would gladly recommend anyone to him and I am so lucky, grateful, elated that he was the doctor that helped me. Thanks Dr. A! — JS

PS. I should mention my photographer friend who’s seen a lot of women, down there, told me I have one of the prettiest ones he has ever seen!


You deserve much financial and personal success in your life. The impact you’ve had on my life is tremendous! I don’t know what kind of an emotional state id be in now if I hadn’t had the revision. I am very happy with the results. Give Janet and tasha my reguards. I will miss having an excuse to call them, they are such lovely ladies. Best of luck to you all.


I had surgery the first week of February months after my husband died. I was vulnerable and frightened. The initial HMO physician assigned had not inspired much confidence. After an additional consultation, I made the decision to utilize another Cigna provider; Dr. Red Alinsod. From day one, this physician made me feel comfortable. His track record (easily found on the Internet) along with the praises from staff members did not do him justice. This is a warm and competent physician. I sailed through the initial surgery and recovery with minimum discomfort and minimum recovery time. The additional procedure done with his assistant (Maria Islas) in his office last Thursday again, proved how skilled this doctor is. I was informed at every step before and closely followed after each procedure afterwards. His staff, and especially his assistant Maria Islas, are well trained, professional, kind and courteous. I am a registered nurse. I have been in the healthcare industry and licensed since 1971. I do healthcare for a living. I am very aware of the subtle nuances of good patient care. My hat is off to this type of customer service. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to Maria and to Doctor. I am very grateful…this physician saved me from a world of urinary track infections, embarrassment and discomfort not to mention preserving my good health. You Rock Doc.


My experience at your office was absolutely amazing. I have never felt so welcomed at an office. And when I say that, I don’t just mean welcomed by you, I mean by you and your ENTIRE STAFF. Everyone at your office is amazing, and incredibly comforting. You weren’t the first doctor I considered, but you were the last. I knew the moment I walked in, saw your results, and received the warm welcome you and your staff gave me. Everyone treated me as if I were their own daughter going into surgery. My mom was with me, and to be honest, I though I was blessed to have her there, she didn’t need to be. Thats how truly great everyone made me feel.

I cried after the surgery, I cried tears of joy due to my amazing results. I was so uncomfortable, for so many years. I don’t mean to sound vain, but I was afraid to do anything sexually, I was embarrassed, I was uncomfortable, and 10 months after the surgery, I can tell you I feel GREAT. The results are remarkable. Especially considering the little time frame I experienced some pain and discomfort. After a month I was pretty much completely back to normal in every way. And after 3 months, I was back in the gym, had a boyfriend (which I was afraid to have prior to the surgery), and CONFIDENT.

I never, ever, in my life thought I would be confident enough to have sex. My life changed after this surgery, for the better. I was so afraid to move forward in life and nearly haunted by my outer lips. I know it sounds dumb but what can I do? It’s how I feel. There’s nothing I can do about how I genuinely feel and have felt since i was about 13. I am 21 and was 21 going into the surgery. I was terrified. But EVERYTHING went great. Like I said, I was thoroughly taken care of by you and your staff before and after the surgery. If results aren’t exactly what you want them to be, post op, you will help to get us there. It’s not an easy surgery, and nothing will ever be perfect, but your team will not stop until I am happy.

I can’t thank the office and you, Dr. Alinsod, enough for what you’ve done for me. I am so fortunate to have had a great experience and I wouldn’t recommend another surgeon to do my labial surgery anywhere else. I If I lived far I would fly to Los Angeles to get it done with you if necessary. You are the best. Your staff is the best. Like any surgery, this is a serious one and not to be messed with. Nobody should walk into any office and rush into it. I don’t want to mention any names but I did sit down with a big Beverly Hills doctor prior to meeting you and I’ll tell ya, I left hysterical and in tears. The meeting made me extremely uncomfortable. I felt like the staff and the doctor didn’t give 2 craps about who I was, the meeting was the least bit personable, and I was just another young girl getting vagina surgery done. That’s honestly how I felt. I was devastated! Here I was, at the so called best office in LA, and I had a gut feeling something was off. I did my research and met with you and was immediately comfortable. I drove from LA to Laguna Beach to meet with you, and eventually get my surgery done, and boy, it was worth it. I want to thank you, Dr. Alinsod, and your staff because they are truly amazing. This isn’t an easy process, but 3 months down the road, my life has changed for the better. I am not encouraging surgery but if it’s something other women must do, as I have done, I am encouraging all to go to you, Dr. Alinsod. Go ahead and let others read this heart felt letter.


anonymous and grateful


About 4 years ago I noticed a marked vaginal looseness. This became a very bothersome problem for me. I spoke with my primary care doctor who prescribed kegel exercises. This obviously did not work, as it does not work for most women unless they are 20 years old and never had children. I then spoke with my gynecologist who told me that the surgery to tighten my vagina was possible with a price tag of about 27,000 dollars. I was very upset. If you are reading this and considering this surgery, you already know my frustrations. I started Googling “vaginal tightening” and luckily found and clicked on Dr. Alinsod’s website. I called and spoke to Diane who immediately was able to set up an appointment for a consultation and surgery the same day because I would be on vacation down in southern California at the time. I live in the Northeast and had to fly in.

I was met at the door by Maria who is wonderful, very understanding and down to earth. She made me feel very relaxed. Dr. Alinsod walked in and I was so impressed. He mixed professionalism with humor and understanding. He made me feel instantly relaxed. The vaginalplasty surgery went wonderfully. At this time Dr. Alinsod said I was also a good candidate for labia plasty. At the time this was not important and I choose not to do it.

I can honestly say I did not follow the “healing plan”. The next day I went to Universal Studios with my family and went on a lot of rides. This was not a good idea. I caused some stitches to rip. Within 3 weeks I had to go back to see Dr. Alinsod and have him re-stitch me. He did this happily and free of charge. After 6 weeks I questioned how I was healing and went back down to Southern California to see him. Dr. Alinsod believed I was healing great and told me I was fine. After a few more weeks I emailed Dr. Alinsod and told him I was not as “tight” as I had hoped to be. He told me if I was unhappy, he would make me “good as new” and would also perform labiaplasty on me free of charge because it was a training day for him. It was extremely nice of him to do the extra surgery for me. I am now a couple weeks into the healing process and I am doing great. The surgery site looks terrific! This time I am taking it easy.

I have never met a more professional and kind doctor. He responds to all emails lightening fast and always is patient and kind. He is a true gift to his profession. He gives women a fresh start where others cannot. He is a pioneer in vaginal plastic surgery and goes where 99% of all other doctors will not. His staff is understanding, patient and kind. I would recommend him to ANY woman who wants a fresh start and who wants to feel like the woman she once was or had always wanted to be. Thank you Dr. Alinsod, you are a diamond on a beach of stones.

TA from the Great Pacific Northwest