Anonymous in California

Hello Everyone,

I recently underwent Labiaplasty surgery for severe genital warts. I had a partial vulvectomy in which the affected area was removed and treated. My labia majora was very large, and large cauliflower warts completely aligned the outer edge surface.

I had surgery after EXTENSIVELY researching doctors, treatment methods, costs and websites that gave personal experiences of labiaplasty.

Whether you are having surgery for cosmetic or medical reasons, the most important factor is the same, an EXPERIENCED SURGEON. Dr. Red Alinsod of Laguna Beach is an incredibly talented surgeon with a very professional staff. (949-499-5311)

I originally felt that this procedure was going to be unbearable both physically and mentally. It suprisingly wasn’t and I have decided to describe my experience with complete sincerity hoping that it may help someone considering labiaplasty—Wedge method. (sorry it’s lengthy). I tried for years to get rid of my genital warts using self-applied treatments. When I finally sought help from a doctor I heard, “you should have treated them earlier”.

Dr. Alinsod never said a word about how bad or ugly my warts were, he didn’t tell me what I should have done earlier, and he didn’t lecture me. When my surgery was complete, he challenged me to find one single wart……..I couldn’t find one. This doctor is extremely down-to-earth.

The Procedure

Before your surgery you are given numbing cream to apply two hours before you come to the office. You are also given prescriptions for antibiotics, pain killers and creams needed for recovery.

First, the before and after photos. No explanation is needed……….It’s not a Covergirl shoot, but Dr. Alinsod is extremely professional and it only takes a few minutes. The photos are kept CONFIDENTIAL and are not used for before and after photos unless you sign a consent to allow it.


1. I was given three Demerol injections in my butt. I hate needles and pain, but can honestly say it felt no worse than a slight pinch.

I didn’t like the idea of not being put to sleep, (I wanted to be knocked out) but they really strive to make the experience as painless as possible.

2. Dr. Alinsod completely numbs the area with injections.

I was very apprehensive about “Ms. Kitty” getting shot up with needles, but by the time the doctor entered I was already pretty numb. I remember feeling pinching when he injected the anesthesia……a little uncomfortable. I frankly can’t remember having much pain from his injections. The numbing cream works well and those shots of Demerol had me feeling soooo good if there was any pain…..I enjoyed it 🙂

3. I remember being mildy awake during the procedure. I did not feel ANY pain, but I did feel a little tugging and pinching when he was putting in sutures.

After the surgery “Ms. Kitty” was a pretty little “kitty” indeed. Maria, (very nice Medical Assistant) told me to keep the area clean, but not to constantly “look” during the healing process. The surgery took about 2 hours.

4. No pain was felt the first day, a little soreness and light bleeding.

5. 2nd day I started taking my Vicodin which controlled pain, I still felt soreness and had some bleeding.

Going Pee was not easy. Not only did it sting really bad, it kind of sprayed instead of the normal stream.

6. By day 3, “Ms. Kitty” looked like she had gotten into a bar room brawl. She was swollen, and had big PUFFY LIPS. Worst of all, it looked as if her entrance had accidentally been sewn shut (false alarm, after a week I found it). It even looked like there were some extra crevices that I did not have before.

My healing skin was not pretty. It had a whiteish grayish covering that looked like soap residue, and the suture line now had bumps and lumps popping out all over. A small area on my left labia majora looked raw and sore. (Neosporin helped)

7. Day 5, I only needed painkillers once a day, but I was still very sore. Bleeding had stopped.

8. Day 7, The dissolving sutures were VERY annoying, and dissolving very slowly. They felt prickly on top (not that I was supposed to be touching them), and pokey to the skin on the sides. The suture line felt HARD. Worst of all DISSOLVING STITCHES ITCH REALLY BAD!!!!

9. Day 10, “Ms. Kitty” was beginning to look quite pretty.

Final Results. After 2 weeks, I feel good. The stitches still itch a little, but “Ms. Kitty” looks a lot better. The swelling has gone down considerably, although the suture line is still hard and I can’t wait to get these stitches out. I can go and have them clipped in another week. The area is not completely healed, but it’s looks good. I am truly pleased and would recommend this procedure for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

The doctor spent a lot of time to ensure the suture lines were well hidden and my end result looks very natural.

Best of all, those nasty, ugly, gross warts are all gone. If any come back, I will immediately have Dr. Alinsod zap their assess with his laser.

COSTS: I extensively researched doctors and prices for this procedure. Dr. Alinsod is not the cheapest and by far not the most expensive either. He is a doctor who teaches other doctors labiaplasty and other cosmetic procedures. He has been doing this for a lot of years and I frankly would rather pay a little more for a teacher than pay a little less for a student.

A few hints that helped me:

I wore dresses and no panties unless I needed a liner.
I tried to keep the area very clean, and dry letting it “air out” as often as possible.
I took pain pills only when I felt true pain, after a week it was mostly just soreness.
I spent time commenting on websites about labiaplasty so that others might be helped in making decisions about labiaplasty.
Taking Arnica Montana helps with the swelling
Try not to look so much:)

Dr. Alinsod is highly recommended by his patients. He has excellent bedside manner and has been working on making women aesthetically beautiful for over fifteen years. I did my research and found his credentials and experience to be impeccable.

Anonymous in California

Sara from Southern California

Dear Dr. Alinsod,

I recently came to your office to have the “vaginoplasty” procedure performed. I spent years wondering if there was anything that could be done to tighten up my vaginal area. I asked my gynocologists for help, but was told there was no procedure to help me. I finally went online and did a search and your office was the first on the list.

From the very beginning I was so impressed, there were links for everything, there were clear explanations of procedures and of what to expect from each. There was even a place that I could ask confidential questions directly to you……….of course I was sure that the answers would come from an assistant. Well, it was already about 8 pm, but I emailed my questions anyway, and by 7am the answers to those questions were in my mailbox and they came directly from you. It made me feel important even though you had never met me. Satisfied with the answers, I call in to your office and spoke with Dianne, what a wonderful person, upbeat, open, detailed and wanting to make me feel at ease about the process. So, I get scheduled in for the assessment and procedure, that’s when I met you…..What a kind and gentle man. You were able to immediately put me at ease, (as it’s not the easiest think to discuss the procedure with a male stranger). You showed compassion and confidence. You quickly suggested a direction for the process. So then comes the procedure, your nurse Maria could not have been more attentive, every little step was explained and everything happened just as it was explained. I went home that same day and started my recovery and in wanting to get thru the healing as fast as I could, I rushed and ended up injuring myself. When I called I expected that I would be yelled at for not following all the instructions to the letter, but that was not the case, as a matter of fact you and your staff, scheduled me in to the office for 7 am. the next morning, what Dr. does that? I am now healed, and feel so much better about myself and my boyfriend of over 8 years cannot believe the difference in our sexual intercourse. As a matter of fact it’s made a huge difference for me as well. Thank you so much, not just for being a first class Physician with a first class office and great staff, but for providing an environment that feels warm and comfortable, a place to come for the most sensitive of procedures knowing that we will be respected and treated in a confidential and caring manner. Thank you ….. I would recommend anyone even considering this procedure to speak with you and your staff, they won’t want or need to go any further.

Best of wishes for your continued success!

Sara from Southern California

Sara from Southern California

I have been able to observe Dr. Alinsod’s career for over seven years as both his patient and as a medical professional. I have the utmost trust and confidence in his surgical skills and abilities and have been fortunate enough to have been under his care. His incontinence surgery have kept me dry and feeling refreshed. The cosmetic vaginal surgeries have enhanced my sexual experience and have improved my self image. Dr. Alinsod is able to make me feel relaxed and open in my personal discussions and I feel quite fortunate to have a physician I can confide in. — LA

If I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate.

If I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate. Due to genetics, I spent about ten years worrying about the appearance of my labia. Everyday I wondered if other women experienced my embarrassment, discomfort, and fear of intimacy. After researching the procedure I decided to do something about it and I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Alinsod.

The consultation with Dr. Alinsod went great. He was extremely sensitive and caring as I emotionally expressed how the appearance of my labia took a toll on my life. He and his assistant Maria made me feel very comfortable during the exam and thoroughly explained everything that was going on. Dr. Alinsod addressed my concerns and anxieties about labiaplasty, including desensitization, scarring, and all the other worst case scenarios I could think of. He explained the procedure and put my mind at ease.

Since this was a very personal issue for me, I chose to have the procedure without anyone accompanying me. Because the surgery is performed in the office under local anesthetic, I was able to keep it confidential. The office staff did not hesitate to accommodate my needs and provided me with a ride back to my hotel, as well as their phone numbers in case I needed anything. During my recovery Dr. Alinsod responded to my questions through email within a couple of hours.

The day of the surgery I was extremely nervous. The pain medication, sedatives, and anesthetic made the experience better than expected. I did not feel anything during the surgery, not even the slightest bit of pressure. After the pain medication wore off I was a little tender, but only needed a few ibuprofens to get relief. I was a little nervous about urinating, however, it was only slightly irritating the first time and after that it was fine. For the first couple of weeks the labia were sensitive, but each day was better than the next; it was amazing to see how fast the area healed. During weeks three and four the labia became itchy as the sutures were dissolving. Throughout the healing process I experienced minimal discomfort.

I had the labiaplasty on Thursday and was back at work on Monday. I have to admit I was worried about being able to get back to work on Monday, but it was not a problem; I even went out to dinner with some friends on Sunday! It has been about 7 weeks and I am extremely happy with the results. I experience full feeling in my labia and there has been no scarring. I cannot believe I waited so long to research this procedure. This has truly been a life changing experience with no regrets. I will never again experience discomfort with clothing, be embarrassed, or have anxiety about taking a relationship to a more intimate level. Dr. Alinsod’s expertise and caring manner make him the best choice for this type of procedure.



When considering surgery, hands-down without a doubt, you can trust Dr. Alinsod. To say he’s a professional and a Master in this field is an understatement. I never dreamed outstanding results were possible for me. I am thrilled and relieved. My problem was I felt “that part” of my body never matched the rest of me, it looked 15 years older. Being in the entertainment industry, oftentimes I have to change in front of people or wear minimal clothing, and I don’t fear or dread those moments anymore. I’m happier overall, more confident, and completely comfortable in my own skin. My only regret is not finding Dr. Alinsod 10 years ago before my original surgery.

–Happy in California

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