All I can say is a big THANK YOU!

I wanted to take a moment and send you a note about how happy I am after the procedures you performed. As you know I spent almost 7 years with the embarrassing and frustrating bladder condition. The fact that I could not run ,jump or even sneeze without having a “leak” was depressing and made daily life miserable. In addition I had menstrual cycles that were long and heavy and were often irregular. After your procedures I am happy to say that has all changed. I am now enjoying exercising by doing Zumba classes 3 days a week and I can run and be active without worrying about “leaking”. I also don’t have the long ,heavy and irregular menstrual cycles anymore. I can honestly say your procedures changed my life and all I can say is a big THANK YOU!
Warmest Regards,

KP Mission Viejo,Ca

Thrilled, in Los Angeles

I’d been thinking about getting labiaplasty for about 2 years. At 27 years old and having had no children, I still thought I might be too young. But I at least wanted to research online and see what possibilities were out there. I came across the Laguna Laser Center website via Google, and was really impressed with the before and after pictures. Dr. Alinsod’s results were so much better than any others I had seen online. Most websites that had vaginal before and after pictures were from general plastic surgeons rather than a specialist. And while I’d seen that they could change how the area looked a little bit, Dr. Alinsod’s photos showed that he could restore the area completely. I decided to email the office and start asking questions. Dr. Alinsod emailed me back personally with lots of information about the different procedures available, and he’s since emailed me back personally every time I’ve contacted him. He was able to offer me a very good discount since I agreed to be apart of a training session for other doctors who were learning about vaginal surgery. Plus, he could do the consult and operation all in the same day, saving me about 4-5 hours of driving to and from the valley. I noticed from the pictures on his site that the women who had gotten labia minora and clitoral hood reduction together had had the results that I liked the best. So I decided to schedule both procedures, along with labia majora reduction. I initially scheduled surgery for August, but had to continue re-scheduling a few times up until December (due to major facial swelling in my lips from another doctor, which made me pretty uncomfortable in public). Laureen at the office sent me creams that I’d need for the day of the surgery and for healing afterward. She was really understanding every time I re-scheduled, and there was no cancellation fee or anything. So, I really appreciated her empathy.

December finally arrived, and I arranged for a taxi to bring me to and from the center since Dr. Alinsod had informed me that I wouldn’t be able to drive after surgery. Before leaving, I had to apply the numbing cream that Laureen had sent me to my vaginal area and then wrap it with saran wrap. It ended up kind of coming off on the way there because of the way I’d wrapped, but they were able to apply more once I got to the center. I met the doctor and his staff, and everyone was really nice. Maria, one of the medical assistants, was with me most of the time from the moment I got to the office. She gave me a pill to calm my nerves, and talked me through everything. She was so comforting, and it felt nice to have someone there with me to ease my anxiety. She even prepared me mentally for the upcoming local anesthetic shot that I’d be getting into the vagina. Maria held my hand while I got the shot, and it was over so quick that I don’t remember it being that bad. Dr. Alinsod came in the room with the doctor he was training, and we looked at different before and after pics. We agreed that we’d go for the barbie doll look, which is a more aggressive reduction of the labia minora. We then went to the operating room, and Dr. Alinsod took before pictures. There was light music playing and the lights were completely off, except for one photo lamp. Women staff were there to assist, and the whole atmosphere was nice and relaxed. I didn’t have general anesthesia, but I was completely asleep for the whole procedure, so I didn’t hear or feel a thing. I knew all the stitches were dissolvable, so I wouldn’t need to come in again for 6 more weeks.

The first few days after surgery were a little uncomfortable. But I had painkillers and Dermoplast spray to ease any pain. It also helped to lean back as it took direct pressure off the area, and sitting on a cushioned chair or a pillow goes a long way too. I had to insert estrogen cream each night, and apply Neocutis to the area twice a day to promote healing. At first, the area looked really swollen and strange, but I wasn’t concerned because Dr. Alinsod had prepared me for this. I knew it could take up to a few months for complete healing, although at 6 weeks, I was cleared to resume all normal activities. About 3 1/2 months after surgery, I noticed the clitoral hood area looked somewhat puffy, so I emailed Dr. Alinsod, and he told me to use the Neocutis cream if I still had any left. He even offered to do a revision free of charge, but I didn’t want to jump the gun since it was a pretty minor thing. I used the cream like he’d advised and the puffiness cleared up in a few days. It’s been about 5 1/2 months since I had the surgery. I’m pain-free in the area and so happy with the results. No longer having hanging labia gives me one less thing to worry about, and the area finally looks how I’d always hoped it would. Thanks Dr. Alinsod for your expertise and your kindness. The experience was truly as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

— Thrilled, in Los Angeles

Thank You for What You Do

Hi Dr. Alinsod

I’m sitting here watching a baseball game reading cosmo magazine. An article “WARNING: these doctors may be dangerous to you vagina” covers page 159. It starts about a meeting of cosmogynecology in Florida, I remember when you said you went there to spreak. So I read the article and, your name is in it and your quoted!

I’m not sure to offer congrats for making it into cosmo, or apologies because this will hurt your practice.

Regardless, I think you are fantastic at what you do!!! You give women an opportunity to feel confident in their own skin which gives women an overall well being and self confidence that bleeds over into every aspect of their life.

Thank you for what you do.
— Anonymous


Hi Dr. Allinsod!

I just want to send you a quick email to tell you how HAPPY I am that I went to your office 4 years ago. And then finally this past March having my procedure done. You are the BEST Dr. ever and I will hopefully have some time in the near future to write a proper email to you describing everything and praising your work. Truly, you are exceptional. I have one of those tightening treatments left with you and I need to set that up and go finish. I will soon, now that the kids are back in school.

But THANK YOU!!! I am super happy.

–Very Blessed in Manhattan Beach

Ecstatic, in Los Angeles

I am writing this letter to pledge my utmost thanks to the truly incredible Dr Alinsod and his amazing team at South Coast Urogynocolgy.

After 5 years of research and decision making in whether or not to have labiaplasty, I recently decided to go ahead and take the plunge. My reasons for wanting the operation were like so many in the same boat: I’m very sporty (horse and bike riding), active (hiking, jogging) and yes, like to look good in well-fitting clothing. My labia was unfortunately getting in the way of all of those things and so the time had come to change this.

There are many excellent doctors throughout Southern California (where I live) and the country who are well-known in the field of vaginal surgery. I looked into each and every one of them because quite honestly, if I was going to make a fairly large financial and life changing decision, I only wanted the best.

I had read about Dr Alinsod on various message boards and thoroughly looked over his website. One of the factors that appealed to me was that he had attended the Loma Linda School of Medicine, which is extremely well known in California and beyond for producing not just excellent doctors, but individuals who have a warm, compassionate and sensitive approach. Ladies, let’s face it – if we’re taking cutting your labia, then you will want a doctor with these traits!

I made an appointment to see Dr Alinsod for an initial consultation and from the moment he walked through the door, I could have cried with relief. In fact, I did cry as it was pretty powerful to share my secret problem that I had been suffering with for so long with someone who both understood and helped lift years of worry away in a matter of minutes. Dr Alinsod has the kind of personality that make you feel as if you have known him for many years. Nothing you tell him or ask him about will shock, surprise or worry him as he has seen it all. To sort of explain how he makes you feel, it’s like a reassuring dad, protective older brother and mentor/counselor all in one. During my consultation, Dr Alinsod examined me with the utmost of care, taking his time to listen to each and every concern I had. That was very important to me. We talked about what the operation would involve, the look and feel of the area during and after the day and what the healing process entailed. My mind was immediately made up that Dr Alinsod was going to be my surgeon.

I am lucky to live in Los Angeles, so traveling to Dr Alinsod’s surgical office in Laguna was not a major problem for me. For anyone who has seen the show “Laguna Beach” or “The Hills” and think the area is ‘millionaires paradise’, well, it is (!) but it’s also of course an area where regular folk live and work. I was not going to be driving back to LA after my operation as I knew I needed to sleep off the meds and so I booked a room at one of the very inexpensive hotels that are within half a mile of the clinic – my bill came to less than $75 for a really great room.

I wasn’t too nervous on the day of the operation as I had been thoroughly prepared and reassured by Dr Alinsod in the days leading up to it – plus I had taken valium! But further great things were about to happen: I was about to meet Dr Alinsod’s incredible team. Diane, Dr Alinsod’s office manager who conducted my initial intake was like mommy. She gave me the biggest hug when we met and could not have been more warm, welcoming and wonderful. She was with me from the moment I walked in, till after my operation when I walked out and was my mental strength throughout. Then I met Maria, Dr Alinsod’s operating room nurse. If I could kidnap Maria and bring her to live with me, I would. She is like your fairy godmother. When you meet her, you will know what I mean. She literally held my hand throughout the entire time I was there, from when I was given my meds, to when I was in surgery, to walking me back to the post operative room – she was right by my side the whole time, letting me know she wasn’t going anywhere and that it was going to be over before I knew it (she was right!). Then there is Tasha, another of Dr Alinsod’s nurses. Tasha is like the amazing, cool, big sister you always wanted. I can’t gush enough about her. Tasha’s best quality is her ability to reassure you that no question you ask her is too big, small or ridiculous. As with everyone else, of course, she really knows her stuff and trust me, I had some ridiculous questions to ask her about what looked normal and what didn’t in the days after my op and she was always available immediately or as close to immediately with the right answer every time. (Tasha – thank you again). Of course, Dr Alinsod is always available too and is incredible at getting back to you in his warm manner, if you need to speak to him specifically.

As for the operation itself, even though it is elective surgery, nothing really prepares you for facing the operating room. I had been planning this day for literally years and when the day comes, it does feel a little surreal. I’ll be honest: the concept of ‘pain’ was my biggest worry! As it turned out, I needn’t have bothered spending time thinking about that. Dr Alinsod, Diane, Maria and Tasha fully prepare you ahead of time. I had a mix of valium for anxiety, and rubbed topical numbing cream down below to help with the injections of local anesthetic. Thus, when the operation started, I felt barely a pinprick in that area. I will say I have quite a high pain tolerance and in my case, didn’t want or need any narcotic pills, but that is an option for people. I had a combination of labiaplasty and hood reduction and honestly, did not feel a thing. I remember feeling a little woozy from the valium but spent my whole time in the operating chair chatting away to Maria and Dr Alinsod and watching CNN! It’s pretty hilarious talking with Dr Alinsod because you forget he is actually this world class surgeon and expert who trains hundreds of doctors around the world. He was so down to earth, genuine and funny the whole time and barely an hour later, the whole thing was all over.

Ladies, nothing prepares you for the high of looking in the mirror after the event. In my case, the transformation was incredible. Dr Alinsod takes before and after pictures of his work (focusing SOLELY on the vaginal area) which I signed a consent to and it goes without saying that privacy is of the utmost importance to the team, so I was not therefore worried in the slightest. Within 30 minutes of my operation, after saying my goodbyes, I was back in my hotel room admiring the new ‘me’ until I fell asleep. I had no bleeding, some very minor spotting the following morning but most surprising of all, no pain, which, I’ll be honest was weird because you think ‘cuts’, stitches’, ‘trauma’, ‘how am I going to pee’ etc etc: I can’t explain it but the methodology used is so precise that healing begins immediately and you genuinely feel very little discomfort. The only ‘irritation’ I had over the next few weeks was quite bad itching due to the stitches dissolving (Dr Alinsod uses dissolvable stitches as oppose to ones that need removing – trust me that’s preferable!). The itching IS uncomfortable, I can’t lie but again, it’s not ‘painful’, merely, annoying. But it’s nothing that Dermablast from Rite Aid can’t solve, though.

With this type of operation too, Dr Alinsod and his team give you very detailed ‘aftercare’ notes so you know exactly what to do in the ensuing weeks, how to wash the area, what to avoid etc etc. They also can’t reassure and advise you enough that if you are experiencing any issues (which you won’t be) to CALL them immediately. Dr Alinsod can always be paged and will always make himself available to you as soon as he can. You will also have a 2 week follow up with him which is reassuring to know and I guarantee he will say to you (as he did to me) ‘the area is healing incredibly’. I think in total, I had four days off work which I spent lying down in bed, and then the next few weeks taking it very easy. It was a tiny sacrifice to make all things considered.

I’m a changed woman thanks to this operation. The difference that it’s made to my life is unquantifiable. What was the icing on the cake was having one of the world’s top doctors in this field as my surgeon. And not only that, but Dr Alinsod and his team truly made me feel like family. I cannot recommend South Coast Urogynecology enough. My heartfelt wishes to the fantastic team.

Yours, Ecstatic, in Los Angeles

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