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Ecstatic in the heart of Texas

I am from a large metroplex in Texas and we have some of the best doctors and hospitals in the world. I chose the best doctor in my city to perform my surgery and didn’t think twice that I may have complications. My surgeon is held in the highest regard and has won several top doc awards. After surgery, everything looked great, but the pain was unbearable. There was a rare complication with my sutures and my doctor was too inexperienced to recognize and remedy my situation. Months went by and there was little relief from the pain. Words cannot describe the desperation you feel when an elective surgery can leave you in chronic pain. I knew I needed a revision. Ladies, these are your genitals, and you simply cannot mess around with your choice of surgeon. You must go to the best regardless of cost or location. I began my research again in search of the TOP doc, and before long ended up on . When I saw the photos of Dr. Alinsod’s work, I knew the skill of this surgeon was unparalleled. Dr. Alinsod also trains other doctors in several types of procedures. Why go to someone who’s been trained by Dr. Alinsod when you can go to Dr. Alinsod himself? I started reading his patient’s testimonials and learned of how nice he truly is as a person. His entire staff is personable, knowledgable and very comforting as well. Dr. Alinsod truly does care about his patients in every way. He will personally answer your emails and return your phone calls very quickly. As an out of town patient, his excellent lines of communication were key to my piece of mind both before and after my surgery. Laguna Beach is a beautiful city and it is very easy to get around in and get to from John Wayne airport. I am so pleased with my results physically, but I am also happy to report that I am now pain free. A huge thanks to Dr. Alinsod and his staff!!!!
–Ecstatic in the heart of Texas

Ecstatic in the Great Pacific North West

To whom it may concern: Dr Alinsod is the best!!! He is truly a professional. It was unfortunate for me that my vagina was totally ruined after having a baby. It was loose, ugly and no sensation during sex! I hated it. My sexual well being is something that I reguard highly, a nessecity, my livelihood! I also had less than perfect labia which I really wanted to make georgous. Dr. Alinsod was not the first doctor I went to. The first doctor I went to mutilated me and took my money. My labia was so unnatural looking and full of scar tissue. My vagina was still just as loose as before the operation. I was devastated. I found Dr. Alinsod online. He answered all my questions, basically consoled me for two months before I decided to go and have a revision. His nursing staff is excellent, (tasha and janet)I love them! They are amazing women. I am just about six weeks now, three days from it and so excited. My surgery took over four hours. Dr. Alinsod is a perfectionst. I never thought my labia could be this georgous! I love it! I feel like a new woman. When doctor alinsod asked me how tight I wanted to be, I said two fingers tight. I know that he did a good job. I can no longer see my insides like I had been able to in the past. I can no longer see my vaginal wall hanging down. All I can see now is georgous, pink, tight vagina!! Dr alinsod has coached me every step of the way. He has been very supportive. He always gets back to me within an hour or two at the most! He really cares about his patients. He is very curteous. I couldn’t say enough about him because he is really fantastic. I am ready to start my new life now!!! No woman should ever accept the ravages done to their body after childbirth!! There are professionals out there who can help us. We must take advantage of this!!
–Ecstatic in the Great Pacific North West

KP, Mission Viejo

Dear Dr.Alinsod,

I wanted to take a moment and send you a note about how happy I am after the procedures you performed. As you know I spent almost 7 years with the embarrassing and frustrating bladder condition. The fact that I could not run ,jump or even sneeze without having a “leak” was depressing and made daily life miserable. In addition I had menstrual cycles that were long and heavy and were often irregular. After your procedures I am happy to say that has all changed. I am now enjoying exercising by doing Zumba classes 3 days a week and I can run and be active without worrying about “leaking”. I also don’t have the long ,heavy and irregular menstrual cycles anymore. I can honestly say your procedures changed my life and all I can say is a big THANK YOU!

Warmest Regards,

KP, Mission Viejo

KP, Mission Viejo

Dr. Alinsod: I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to you. You have truly changed my life and I will never forget it. Thank you so much for being such a caring doctor. I am forever grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you!

Caitlyn, Boston, MA

I couldn’t be happier with the results of my labiaplasty — with the beautiful transformation done on me by Dr. Red Alinsod at South Coast Urogynecology. It has made a huge difference in my everyday comfort (no more rubbing and chafing!) and I must say, I do think my vulva looks beautiful; a definite added bonus to a procedure I saw primarily as a physiological necessity rather than an aesthetic choice. The result is symmetrical, pretty, and totally natural looking. There is no scarring, and no loss of sensation of any kind.

I’m really glad I flew out to California all the way from Boston, Massachusetts just to have Dr. Alinsod do this procedure. The added expense was well worth it. I had spent many months researching doctors doing this procedure and found that Dr. Alinsod’s web site conveyed an unparalleled professionalism, the best “before” and “after” pictures, the friendliest staff, and comforting photos of the clinic offices. I was especially impressed by the on line patient information and handouts, and detailed description of what to expect before, during and after the procedure. It was obvious to me that he really cares about his patients, has a high level of perfectionism, and understands that this is a bit of a scary decision to make. I knew right away that this was the place to go to be treated with respect, kindness and to get the best care and excellence. Also, I wanted the procedure to be done using the the Ellman Surgitron Radiofrequency device, rather than with the lasers used in most other clinics. After reading about it, it became clear that Dr. Alinsod is a leader in his field and that the Surgitron is the best tool.

In person, Dr. Alinsod’s bedside manner is kind, gentle, sincere and immediately puts you at ease—completely professional. And his wonderful assistant, Maria, was there to hold my hand in every way. I felt confident that I was in the best of hands and that everything would go well, as it did! I was also given every opportunity to talk with Dr. Alinsod directly at any point in the following weeks and months when I had concerns or questions about the healing process. My emails and phone calls were always returned immediately or within hours by Dr. Alinsod himself. I have never been so well cared for during a surgical procedure. If any gynecological issues should come up in my future, I will definitely go directly to Dr. Alinsod and his staff.

–Catlin, Boston, MA

I could be a spokeswomen for these procedures

Dear Dr. Alinsod:

I will try my best to explain in words how I feel about my vaginoplasty and perineoplasty surgery. I would of never considered plastic surgery vaginal rejuvenation, until I needed bladder and rectal repair. My organs were no longer where they belonged. My first feeling that something was not quite right was a wideness in my pelvic area and feeling of separateness. Then a difficult and long time to urinate. It wasn’t until my organs fell into my pelvic anatomy and sex with my husband was extremely emotional. My condition went from moderate to severe.

I felt my vaginal anatomy was ruined and knew just fixing my organs would not be enough. I am not your plastic surgery type nor do I believe it should be in this category. These issues are at the core of a women’s sensuality. Us women at the age of 50 and over don’t realize the change in that area since it is so gradual or until something serious like your organs falling.

I gave your card to 2 of my friends that called and asked re: vaginoplasty, etc. After, I told them how perfect I feel from the reconstruction as well as if I had a butt lift my buddies want a new vagina as well. Two days after surgery, while in the hospital, I showed my girlfriend and she said it looked just like a 21 year old. She couldn’t believe how good it looked on the 2nd day or recovery. I told her the advertisement indicates you will look like a 21 year old again. A bonus is the 21 year old vaginal canal.

I feel renewed and restored as well as empowered and somewhat young again. I could be a spokeswomen for these procedures in the enlighten state I feel. Thank you once again. I hope your creative future restoring a woman’s core being her sensuality and sexuality grows big and bright. Further, the wonderful women employed by Dr. Alinsod are the best, without them I could not of gone through this surgery.

Love and Light
— E

Lucky am I to have you in my world!

Dr. Alinsod:
Now that I am on the recovery side of my surgery, I had to write to tell you how much your compassionate care for me made the process of my bladder surgery possible. I couldn’t have gone through this without the help of you and your staff. As you know, I was terrified at the prospect of undergoing bladder surgery and when you added the other procedures to the picture, I was very nervous about the outcome. My recovery has been manageable and now I’m looking forward to getting back to my active lifestyle with no worries whatsoever.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done. Your communication skills are terrific and that made it easier to understand the procedures that I was having. In addition, your nurse Maria is really a saint. I put her to the test with my concerns about my bladder and she shouldered them all with that loving way she treats your patients. I feel blessed to be a part of your medical family and have already recommended you to two of my friends who are as afraid as I was to address my bladder issues.

Lucky am I to have you in my world!


Very Pleased with the Result

When I decided that labiaplasty was a procedure that I wished to pursue, I carefully researched the credentials of many physicians that offered this procedure and I quickly recognized that Dr. Alinsod was clearly highly and uniquely qualified (being both board certified in gynecology and trained in this type of an aesthetic procedure). I had the procedure in early January. Prior to the surgery I met with Dr. Alinsod and his extremely kind and professional staff. As soon as I met each of them and Dr. Alinsod, I realized that there was a sincere kindness and professionalism in how they treated their patients, and that I was in very good care. Even then, however, I did not realize how skilled my surgeon actually was. I have had many dental procedures that I only wish could have gone so well. Pain and swelling were minimal and medications that Dr. Alinsod prescribed for pain management were highly effective. My recovery was very quick. The improvement in appearance and comfort is striking. I am quite sure that no one (even another surgeon) would not be able to recognize that I had the procedure done, as there is no scar at all. I truly cannot thank Dr. Alinsod enough for the quality of surgery and care that I got. — MB

I am very pleased with the results of the surgery I had done by Dr. Alinsod. He is a caring person and easy to talk to. Only eight weeks after my surgery I was back to normal.

Terry Robnett, RN

My name is Terry Robnett, I am an RN currently working at Pomona Valley Hospital Emergency Department. This letter is sent to professionally acknowledge the individuals who provided the excellent care I received during my stay as a patient at South Coast Medical Center from October 3 – 5, 2007.

On October 3, 2007, I had surgery which was performed by Dr. Red Alinsod. Dr. Alinsod is the epitome of excellence in what every Doctor should strive to be every day. He is genuine, very professional, extremely caring, and most of all, has the best bed side manner I have ever encountered by a Doctor! Simply put, a good man. I am blessed and thankful to have had the pleasure of meeting, becoming a patient of, and receiving surgery by such a gifted and humble individual with such expertise and skill.

I also had the pleasure of meeting and being a patient of Dr. Anderson who was the Anesthesiologist for my surgery. He too is a very genuine, humble, good bedside mannered gentleman. I was impressed with his kindness and follow up visit after my surgery. I would really like to thank, acknowledge, and recognize the nursing staff that took excellent care of me during my stay. It is not often enough that the nurses are recognized or thanked for their gifts, compassion, skill and hard work in caring for all the sick people during their careers. I would like to personally thank Debbie, Ruth, Barbara, Kay and Crystal. I believe these were all of the nurses assigned to my care. I hope I didn’t miss anyone, and if I did, you know who you are. I know how hard and stressful “our” thankless job can be and I just wanted to say thank you so much!

The Administration of South Coast Hospital should feel thankful and proud to have these exceptional individuals I have mentioned above, to be representing and working, at this Hospital. Thank you so much for a pleasant experience and the excellent care. You have definitely lived up to your Mission Statement!

— Terry Robnett RN

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