South Coast Urogynecology

For the health and safety of our patients and staff, Dr. Alinsod is offering virtual appointments and consultations.

Dr. Red Alinsod and South Coast Urogynecology are happy to announce its re-opening after a month-long hiatus that ensured the safety of our patients and staff. Online FaceTime and Zoom Consults and follow-ups will always be offered first. At this time will be taking only one patient in the waiting room at a time to avoid any Patient-Patient interaction and contact.


If an office visit is conducted then our procedure will be as follows:

• Pre-visit screening phone calls to ensure that the patient has no cold or flu symptoms of illness such as fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, loss of smell.
• The office will be sprayed with safe and gentle ViTula BioCide before each patient visit
• The staff will be wearing protective masks and gloves and will be warm and welcoming but not shaking hands
• Patient will be required to wear their own protective mask in the office
• Safe and gentle ViTula BioCide spray will be misted into the patient’s hands and clothing upon arrival
• Infrared Temperature checks and symptoms review will be obtained immediately upon arrival
• COVID-19 Antibody Finger Prick Rapid Blood Test will be available upon request and mandated before any procedure
o Dr. Alinsod and his staff will self-test monthly and if symptoms arise
• Procedures will be done with protective clothing and masks in place
• The office will respray ViTula BioCide when the patient leaves

We take the safety of our staff and patients very seriously and will do all we can to provide the safest possible environment.

We are so happy to be serving you, our patients. Please email us or call us for available appointments and for affordable COVID-19 Antibody Testing available only to patients of Dr. Alinsod.

Warmest regards,

Red Alinsod, MD and the entire SCU Staff