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Red M. Alinsod, M.D., FACOG, FACS, ACGE  10

              Red Alinsod, MD, FACOG, FACS, ACGE                                     Patents and Equipment Developed
                                                                                     1. Lone Star APS Retractor
              Loma Linda University School of Medicine                               2. Implantable Sling with Bladder Support
              Major, US Air Force                                                    3. Implants and Procedures for Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders
                                                                                     4. Brought first Ultra Lightweight Mesh to USA in 2005 (Restorelle)
              Private Practice 1994 to Present                                       5. Alinsod Urogyn Table
              South Coast Urogynecology in Laguna Beach, CA                          6. Alinsod Scissors, Pickups, Clamps
              Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery                   7. ThermiVa – Patent Pending
              Founder: CAVS (Congress on Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery, founded 2006)
              Honorary Founder of Aesthetic Gyn Societies in Brazil, Paris, Germany, Poland  Procedures Developed
                                                                                     1. Radiofrequency Surgical Techniques for Aesthetic Gynecologic Surgery In-Office
                                                                                            a. First to treat vulvovaginal tissues with non-surgical RF energy
                                                                                            b. Feathering Technique for Resurfacing Revision surgery
                                                                                            c. Pudendal-Levator Block
                                                                                     2. In-Office RF Labiaplasty
                                                                                                        a. Barbie Look
                                                                                            b. Hybrid Look
                                                                                            c. Vertical Clitoral Hood Reduction
                                                                                            d. Lateral Curvilinear Clitoral Hood Reduction
                                                                                     3. In-Office Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty
                                                                                     4. Medial Curvilinear Labia Majoraplasty
                                                                                     5. Thermi-O (ThermiVa + O-Shot)
                                                                                     6. ThermiVa Research on
                                                                                            a. Tightening of vulva and vagina
                                                                                            b. GSM
                                                                                            c. SUI
                                                                                            d. OAB
                                                                                            e. Orgasmic Dysfunction
                                                                                            f. Fecal Incontinence
                                                                                                        g. Vulvovaginal Atrophy
                                                                                     7. Gynecologic Dermoelectroporation for local anesthesia and vulvar lightening and

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