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Red M. Alinsod, M.D., FACOG, FACS, ACGE  14

                    Group Preceptorships in Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery

                                                          Patient Care Coordinator either in person or   9.   Apply internet strategies in marketing
                                                          by teleconference. The rising demand for this   Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery procedures.
                                                          course will necessitate advanced planning. For
                                                          more information, please call Dr. Alinsod at 949-  10.  Define issues of medical malpractice and
                                                                                                   how it relates to the OB/GYN and other
                                                          499-5311. He welcomes your call.         specialty physicians
                                                          Learning Objectives:                 Advantages of Dr. Alinsod’s Group
                                                          1.   Review the history of Surgical and Non-
                                                             Surgical treatments.               • Training alone or in a small group with Dr. Alinsod
                    Dr. Alinsod provides intensive hands-on, one-on-
                    one training in advanced Aesthetic Vulvovaginal   2.   Discuss the terminology and anatomy of   • Surgeon-tailored course for individual surgeon needs
                    Surgery. It is a unique program like no other.   aesthetic and reconstructive vaginal surgery.  • Full Course Training
                    Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery is perhaps the                               • Labiaplasty Only training available
                    fastest growing field in cosmetic surgery with   3.   Describe technologies available for aesthetic   • Vaginoplasty Only training available
                    very few training programs available worldwide.   vaginal surgeries. A laser/electrocautery lab   • Extensive Medical Photography training with live
                    Dr. Alinsod’s comprehensive program will teach   will be provided. Permanent Permeation will   models
                    the gynecologist, urogynecologist, plastic, or   be presented.              • One (1) return at no additional cost Master-level group
                    cosmetic surgeon techniques not taught in   4.   Explain the clinical aspects of the procedures,   training in Laguna Beach
                    any residency program or competing course.   including patient selection, pre-operative   • Turn-Key Services
                    These procedures include labia minora plasty,   evaluation, anesthesia protocols, proper   • Complete set of clinical forms and protocols in digital
                    labia majora plasty, clitoral hood reduction,   surgical methods and techniques, and post-  format
                    vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, hymenoplasty, and   operative care.
                    advanced vulvo-vaginal resurfacing techniques.                              • Marketing materials in digital format
                    The training is second-to-none when combined   5.   Review surgical techniques including: Labia   • Complete photograph sets to start a practice
                    with a preceptorship in advanced reconstructive   Minora Plasty, Labia Majora Plasty, Clitoral   • Referral to Dr. Alinsod’s personal Graphic Artist and
                    pelvic surgery. With the intimate small groups   Hood Reduction, Perineoplasty, Vaginoplasty,   Web Master
                    or solo training, there are no lasers to purchase   Resurfacing techniques using RF energy,   • Referral to Dr. Alinsod’s personal Search Engine
                    and no mandatory equipment required. The   Revision Surgery and Vulvar Filler.  Optimization Specialist
                    courses are aimed at arming the surgeon with                                • Preferred pricing from Ellman International, Thermi
                    the technical skills and knowhow to confidently   6.   Identify different aspects of patient markings   Aesthetics, and other vendors
                    perform beautiful vulvovaginal surgery with   prior to surgery.             • Access to Online Video Library coming soon
                    the surgeon’s equipment of choice. It also   7.   Discuss proper equipment and methods in
                    provides valuable information on how to   preparing medical photography. Practical
                    transform a practice to rely less on insurance   hands-on sessions will be taught.
                    payments. Covered topics include medical
                    photography, internet/print, and TV marketing.   8.   Describe possible complications related to
                    Tools and materials to build a unique website   performing Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery
                    are offered. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   and the proper mechanisms of management
                    specialists are introduced. Medical malpractice   and apply the procedure into the existing
                    and insurance topics will be discussed.  We   office setting.
                    even  train  your nurses, office  manager, and

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