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Red M. Alinsod, M.D., FACOG, FACS, ACGE  6

                    Introduction to The Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery

                                       Dr. Red Alinsod and South Coast Urogynecology serve a dual role of Quality
                                       Patient Care and Physician Education. First and foremost is to provide the
                                       highest quality of Aesthetic Urogynecologic services. Its second role is
                                       to educate physicians and surgeons in the art and science of Aesthetic
                                       Vulvovaginal Surgery.

                    We offer highly specialized   These surgical and non-  of cosmetic vulvovaginal
                    surgery to restore and    surgical procedures can   cases. Dr. Alinsod is able
                    enhance the appearance    enhance intimacy. These   to treat the whole woman
                    of the vaginal area. These   procedures can be performed   in terms of her aesthetic,
                    procedures, frequently    in the office without the   gynecologic and urologic
                    referred to as “Vaginal   need for IVs or spinals. Many   health both in a surgical and
                    Rejuvenation,”“Aesthetic   patients have flown in to   non-surgical manner. These
                    Vaginal Surgery,” “Cosmetic   Southern California and have   skills are elegantly presented
                    Vaginal Surgery,”  labiaplasty”   received the highest of care,   and taught to his students
                    or “vaginoplasty,” resurfaces   personalized service, and   worldwide.
                    and tightens the tissues   outstanding results while                                                   Dr. Alinsod is able to treat the whole
                    to reclaim the youthful   completely awake or very   This broad base of knowledge                      woman in terms of her aesthetic
                    appearance and function.  lightly sedated with oral   and experience, combined
                                              medications. These techniques   with a sharp focus on                        gynecologic needs. He is also able
                    Dr. Alinsod has developed and   are passed on to the visiting   aesthetics, makes Dr. Alinsod          to show the visiting surgeons how
                    pioneered many innovative   surgeons to enable very low   the surgeon of choice                        to manage complex cases, make
                    techniques in this newly   risk and low cost surgeries to   to train those who want                    intelligent and safe decisions, and
                    evolving field of aesthetic   be performed in their own   to incorporate aesthetic                     perform cutting edge surgeries
                    vulvovaginal surgery and   offices.                 gynecology into their                              that are taught nowhere else in the
                    is happy to offer these                             practices. He welcomes your                        world.
                    services to his patients and   Dr. Alinsod has the distinct   inquiries.
                    to teach surgeons worldwide   advantage and experience
                    on how to perform these   as a reconstructive pelvic
                    transformational gynecologic   surgeon enabling him to
                    surgeries.                tackle even the most difficult

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