Physician/Peer Testimonials

I learned of Dr. Alinsod via a conference in Tucson, Arizona fall 2011. It was a very worthwhile meeting, and I did receive CME's.

However, the pearl of this conference was the fact that the fellowship was offered personally by this fine surgical subspecialist.

I spent 2 full-days with Dr. Alinsod in his office in Orange County.

His course is outstanding. Specific surgical techniques are discussed and illustrated in person at length. Surgeries are then performed at his surgical center. Furthermore, his outline includes medical legal forms and training regarding setting up a cosmetic practice with special emphasis in gynecology.

He is patient, personable, and very helpful, and I feel the authority on cosmetic gynecology.

My urologic practice contains a large amount of pelvic reconstruction including pelvic prolapse and urinary incontinence repair in females. I often handle complex cases/failures from other physicians/surgeons. Dr. Alinsod is an outstanding pelvic surgeon with technical suggestions that most subspecialists are not aware of.

He has a very nice office in a beautiful location and his staff is very helpful.

I highly recommend this training course/fellowship. Sincerely, Anthony A. Nazaroff, M.D.

I would like to offer my thanks for your excellent training. When I was researching the place to get training in this new area I contacted peers and assessed the local knowledge base and training and found it grossly wanting. I was aware of training offered in Los Angeles and Florida but after contacting others I felt the presentation of Dr Red Alinsod and the American Academy of Cosmetic Gynaecology was the best choice. So I flew half way around the world to train with them I am was glad I did. The course was well prepared, well resources and well presented. I felt that in the environment I undertook that training I learnt efficiently and when I was assess on my knowledge by Dr Alinsod the learning reflect his trust in my skills. I was able to start doing cases on my return and Dr Alinsod and the American Academy of Cosmetic Gynaecology have both offer excellent ongoing support and I look forward to being an active member as the special interest area gains international interest. I would endorse the training and be happy to discuss this with any potential candidates.

Dr Les Blackstock, Medical Director

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Red Alinsod and his staff for spending the time with me to offer what can only be described as the BEST reconstructive pelvic surgery course. What most preceptor programs forget is that the �customer� is the King/Queen. Dr. Alinsod has clearly spent valuable time to train his staff in customer service which was extended in the most courteous manner to myself and a fellow trainee.

Without doubt Dr. Alinsod�s clinical expertise and knowledge base is excellent. I was also impressed by his surgical skill and finesse. His bedside manner and relationship with his patients was refreshing, a gift sadly lacking in some colleagues who offer preceptor courses.

I flew half a day to attend this course and without hesitation I recommend any surgeon interested in attending a structured well organized course to consider Dr. Alinsod�s preceptor program.

Dr. Alinsod can be described as a man with sincerity and great humility. As simply stated by Benjamin Franklin: �Humility makes great men twice honorable�

I took the 3 days Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery training with Dr. Alinsod at the South Coast Urogynecology, Laguna Beach, California.

He taught me comprehensive details about patient counseling, history taking, physical exam, photography, required office form and required equipment. He taught me how to make preoperative, intraoperative and post-operative processes step by step precisely. Especially in operative process, he made it easy for me to understand and I learned many surgical tips from him. Every staff in his center made me feel comfortable.

Many thanks to Dr. Red Alinsod and his staff. Taking the course was a great experience and made me more confident to do vaginal surgery. I highly recommend that anyone in this field, new or experienced, should spend some time with him.

Thank you.

Suchai Tanthawichian, M.D.

Thank you very much for giving your time to us during our visit to your clinic on February 14th.

Dr. Naidoo and I were both very impressed not only by the skill demonstrated with your surgery but also with the rofessionalism shown by your whole team in the Clinic in Laguna Beach.

Kind Regards. Yours sincerely,

Dr. A.R.B. Smith

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