History: Patient in her mid 30s had a wedge labiaplasty done by her gynecologist. The results were extremely poor when the edges of the wedge pulled open on both sides. The frenulum was on her left was left protruding out. The perineal repair also broke down. The gynecologists did not address her symptoms of pelvic heaviness and fullness and feeling of chronic constipation and missed a significant rectocele and enterocele. She suffered from a gaping vaginal opening and a very loose vaginal canal and wanted to feel more friction during intercourse. She also wanted her hemorrhoids removed and her gynecologist declined due to inexperience with hemorrhoidal surgery. She came to our office requesting full pelvic reconstruction with vaginoplasty as well as aesthetic refinements of her botched labiaplasty.

Procedure Performed: Posterior compartment repair with rectocele and enterocele reduction, vaginoplasty, full-length perineoplasty, labiaplasty revision , clitoral hood reduction, radiosurgical resurfacing, hemorrhoidectomy.

Results: Full recovery in 8 weeks with renewed confidence in everyday activities and sexual relations. She now had normal bowel movements and lost the sense of constant constipation. Her perineal body was strengthened and her vaginal canal was reduced to a pre-baby diameter.

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