Patient History: Lady in her early thirties wanted a labial reduction. She went to a well known academic institution, a university plastic surgery practice, requesting a labiaplasty for discomfort and labial hypertrophy. The attending surgeon and resident surgeon reassured her that they had performed many labial surgeries in their careers. They had no photos of prior cases nor did they have other patients that she could speak with that the attending surgeon would recommend. The attending surgeon could not state where he learned how to do labiaplasty surgeries and stated that it was something he learned over the years and not in a residency program. He stated that it was only recently that some plastic surgery programs had started teaching labial surgeries. He stated that even gynecology residencies did not routinely teach labial surgeries. Because of the lower costs of surgery and the coverage by her insurance, she agreed to undergo labiaplasty. There was not a mention of clitoral hood surgery for symmetry of appearance.

Surgery was performed at the university surgery center. She underwent general anesthesia then an electrocautery and scalpel excision of excess labia.

She was immediately remorseful when the appearance of her surgical site had numerous bumpy and irregular areas and even worse symmetry than before surgery. She regretted not having had her hemorrhoids removed. She contacted our office and sent us photographs. We recommended a revision after a longer period of healing so that a more definitive repair could be done. Fourteen months after her initial surgery she underwent the radiosurgical resurfacing and revision and hemorrhoidectomy.

Procedure Performed: The patient requested a Barbie Appearance labiaplasty with reduction of the bulky clitoral hood. She wanted a smoothened and cleaner look with no irregular edges. A radiosurgical approach was recommended to achieve maximum tissue shrinkage and smoothness. No sutures would be placed. The Ellman Pelleve Radiosurgical device was used to smoothen and reduce the irregular edges. Radiosurgery was used to maximally shrink tissues to give a less bulky appearance without the need for sutures. Radiosurgical hemorrhoidectomy was also performed. She was told that it would take six weeks for full recovery.

Outcome: Extremely happy patient with the clean Barbie Appearance she had longed for. Relief from her former external hemorrhoids.

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