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Patient History:

This young lady in her thirties underwent a labiaplasty surgery by a prominent plastic surgeon. The patient was reassured by the plastic surgeon that he had done many aesthetic gynecologic surgeries including labiaplasty in the past. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia in a surgery center with a normal post operative course. Unfortunately, the results were suboptimal and prominent suture lines were readily apparent giving a scalloped edge appearance. Furthermore, her request for a more dramatic reduction in labial tissue were not achieved. She came to our office requesting a major revision of her labial surgery and to smoothen all the irregularities left by her plastic surgeon.

Procedure Performed:

Labiaplasty revision to a Barbie Look with clitoral hood reduction and resurfacing of irregular edges.


Excellent Barbie Look with smoothened and undetectable edges. Full return to daily activities at six weeks.

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