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Online Consultation: Fast, Efficient, & Secure! Avoid playing phone tag, avoid the traffic and time lost driving to the office, interrupting your busy schedule. Communicate directly with Dr. Alinsod, and receive a written reply. Use Online Consultation as an alternative to coming to the office, all for the cost of the average co-pay. You must log-in to use this new service.

This service, for established patients, is available to obtain the individualized medical advice you need without having to come into the office. Obviously this only works for information sharing, not for physical exams! For appointment information please call 949-499-5311.

Existing patients are now able to request online consultations with the doctor. We know that coming in for an office visit is not always convenient and has a real cost to you as a patient; co-payments, gas and parking, lost wages, child care and other costs of office visits add up and we are sensitive to these costs and value your time. Our Online Consultation service, which has a modest associated fee, is designed not only for your convenience, but also to save you money when your questions, that previously required an office visit, can be adequately answered online. Online Consultations will not be the ideal service for all patients, but it will serve the needs of many and we are happy to offer this new service and convenience to you.